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Published:March 23rd, 2010 21:22 EST
joe biden

Video! Joe Biden To Obama At Health Bill Signing: This Is A Big Fuc**** Deal

By Robert Paul Reyes

Joe Biden only makes the headlines when he makes a gaffe, unfortunately for Obama that`s almost every week. The region of the brain where gaffes are born is a tiny little spot, but in Joe Biden`s brain it`s as big as a melon.

bidenJoe Biden is the perfect guest to invite to a party. With the Vice President in the house, when things start to get a little dull you can always count on him to say something stupid.

Just don`t invite Biden for a momentous occasion, he is guaranteed to screw things up.

"After introducing Obama at Tuesday`s health-care bill signing ceremony, Vice President Biden turned to the president and said, `This is a big f**king deal.`" Read More

Check out this video, you can clearly hear Biden saying: This is a big fuc**** deal!

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