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Published:April 29th, 2010 15:02 EST
sarah palin

Strip Club Sarah Palin Lookalike Contest Hottest Event Of The Year

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Since she entered the national spotlight two years ago, former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has been the subject of more than a few male fantasies.

The craze has now spread to the Admiral Theatre, the well-known strip club at 3940 W. Lawrence Ave. in the Albany Park neighborhood. The club has scheduled a Sarah Palin lookalike contest for May 12 - the same day the real Palin is actually scheduled to speak in northwest suburban Rosemont.

sarah palin

The club has titled the contest, `Less Taxation, More Stimulation.` A panel of `local celebrity judges` will determine the winners of the contest, who will receive a $5,000 cash prize." Read More

This isn`t another attempt by liberals to humiliate Sarah Palin, proceeds from the contest will be donated to the conservative Tea Party Movement.

A respected female politician shouldn`t be ridiculed and objectified in such a sexist manner. But Palin isn`t an honorable politician, she`s a greedy opportunist who quit her job as governor of Alaska to make the big bucks as a reality TV star, and commentator for Fox News.

Sarah Palin is a rabble rouser, a celeb, and a reality TV star -- a hard-working stripper has more integrity in her fake boobs than Palin does in her entire body.

Palin`s body, not her brain, is her moneymaker, and it`s altogether right and proper that a strip joint hold a Sarah Palin lookalike contest.

Sarah Palin should write "Less Taxation, More Stimulation" on the palm of her hand, that motto makes more sense than her usual inane rhetoric.

Should the people of that community go see the real Sarah Palin or a bunch of naked Sarah Palin lookalikes? Not a tough decision!

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