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Published:May 14th, 2010 10:36 EST

Obama's Encounter With Groupie! Is Michelle Obama Jealous?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"A gushing admirer left Barack Obama red-faced and at a loss for words Thursday, telling the president during a surprise stop at a New York restaurant that he was a `hottie.`


You`re a hottie with a smokin` little body," she gushed, a compliment that appeared to leave the president speechless.

When Obama gave her a little hug she became even more ecstatic.

`He gave me a squeeze!` Haley squealed." AFP

President Obama has been called everything from a socialist to an illegitimate president. Obama was delighted to hear a compliment for a change, his smile was a country mile wide when the atttractive lady called him a hottie.

But I bet the president`s wife won`t have a smile on her face when she see`s the video of her hubby hugging the beautiful woman.

When a president makes an impromptu stop at a public place like a restaurant, usually he kisses babies, signs tographs, and shakes hands. This time the lucky devil got the chance to squeeze a hottie.

I hope the president`s detractors don`t add one more insult to their litany of his faults: Loverboy.

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