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Published:May 25th, 2010 13:57 EST
Finally, The End Of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"?

Finally, The End Of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"In a breakthrough in the effort to overhaul the military`s `don`t ask, don`t tell` policy, Congress is set to vote as early as this week on a proposal to repeal the rule barring gays from serving openly in the military.

The plan would have Congress vote on repeal long before the Pentagon completes its review of how to implement the policy -- something the White House said it hoped would happen first.

But the Obama administration nevertheless backed the plan, saying the proposed amendment would still allow the Department of Defense to finish its work before implementing any changes." Read More

The repeal of the military`s "don`t ask, don`t tell" policy would be a milestone in the long and frustrating struggle of gays and lesbians for civil rights. It will be a glorious day when our brave and dedicated homosexual warriors will be able to serve their country proudly and openly.

When private companies see that discrimination against homosexuals isn`t tolerated in the military, they will think twice about treating their gay employees as second-class citizens.

Some Republican lawmakers are condemning the "hasty" and "premature" rush to repeal the "don`t ask, don`t tell" policy. But justice deferred is justice denied, and gays have waited far too long for this discriminatory policy to be repealed.

As the world`s greatest democracy we should be setting an example to the rest of the world by treating all of our citizens with respect. It`s a shame that when it comes to allowing gays to serve in the military we lag behind many European countries. Congress should set things right, and repeal the dreaded policy as soon as possible.

"`We are on the brink of historic action to both strengthen our military and respect the service of lesbian and gay troops,` Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese said in a written statement. `Without a repeal vote by Congress this year, the Pentagon`s hands are tied.`" Fox News

Let`s hope and pray that we are truly on the brink of a historic action; if this policy isn`t repealed the world`s greatest democracy won`t be in a position to lecture China or any other country about human rights.

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