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Published:June 3rd, 2010 08:19 EST
A Wake up Call for President Barack Obama

A Wake up Call for President Barack Obama

By M. Quinn



A Wake up Call
to the proclaimed land of Liberty
and Justice for all "

By M. Quinn

Even though President Barack Obama has merely been in office some eighteen months, the promise of change, hope and a new day in America so adamantly proclaimed during the course of his Presidential campaign has yet to materialize.

In fact, considering the enormous degree of racially motivated groups against people of color which are on the rise, coupled with the recent legislative action taken in the state of Arizona on immigration, and equally barring any teachers that do not speak proper English to teach in that state; and now, the Texas Education Agency rewriting major historical African American struggles, such as the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, Jim Crow and the Civil Rights era to blatantly contradict what genuinely happened as part of their revised K-12 curriculum; the opposite is actually in effect. Not a new America, but an America that is on a reverse course toward the racially polarized society of times past.

Most Americans are familiar with the recent anti-immigration legislation passed in the state of Arizona. However, considering that this is the year 2010, and not 1910, an even more dangerous and disingenuous practice is being set into motion once again, this time in the state of Texas; where elected officials who are in charge with overseeing the Department of Education and mandating the curriculum have commence to summarily rewrite history for textbooks taught to American children, while systematically re-labeling, distorting or outright omitting highly important civil and human rights events within American history.


To the chagrin of many, not one historian or like-minded expert was consulted while making these enormous revisions and omissions to the K-12 curriculum in the lone star state.

Many historical events in which African Americans have overcome great struggles and hardships, such as the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, the Jim Crow era, and the Civil Rights movement have been severely watered-down, or outright omitted.


It is not difficult to surmise, that these actions are not only coming from a strong political push from the right-wing party in American society, but must also be addressed for their patently race based motivation. Why else would significant periods in African American history be revised, edited or omitted from American textbooks?


In addition, Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia has publicly declared that the month of April should be identified as Confederate History Month ".  While Republican U.S. Senate nominee Dr. Rand Paul has equally gone public citing that, businesses in America should have the unconditional right to not serve African Americans without any government intervention and that he would have made significant modifications to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 had he been born at that time.  Not to mention the incessant drumbeat of the Tea Party movement proclaiming, We want our country back ".

Rep. Mike Villareal of San Antonio cited that; elected officials in Texas have blatantly ignored the input of teachers and historians alike, while implementing an ideological and cultural war upon America`s children and classrooms.


The current onslaught of racially motivated actions are a stark reminder, that America still has an enormous way to go in resolving the systemic problem of racism, which cannot be ignored, dismissed or glossed over.


Moreover, the long lasting and systemic repercussion of these actions could very well be the precursor to not only negating the advances, but reversing the progress made by people of color in American society over the last 60 years.

As President of the United States, Barack Obama must no longer remain silent, neutral, or fearful; while continuing his politically expedient position of repeatedly evading a genuine discourse on racism in America, which continues to present its hideously destructive head time and time again.

It is critical for President Obama to take a firm and unwavering position against these recent events, and address the moral consciousness of the nation in which he has sworn to honor and protect; by working with the Civil Right division of the U.S. Justice Department and like-minded Americans to ensure that this racially charged trend does not gain traction, or advance into the future.

Quote "
"If we as a nation are ever going to achieve that status of true greatness, then we must be courageous enough to deal with matters pertaining to race and racism, without seeking the artificial cloak of denial as some sort of safe haven."

- M. Quinn

M. QUINN is a freelance journalist and activist born in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Author of the books; Removing the Veil ", and RECOMPENSE A Matter of Human Rights ".

He is also the Founder of the Campaign to Remove the Veil"; which
advocates incorporating a comprehensive study of racism into the academic system of American society, and making it a prerequisite for graduation. He specializes in social, political, and historical analysis and commentary.





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