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Published:June 18th, 2010 12:40 EST
sarah palin

Former Pot Smoker Sarah Palin: Smoking Pot No Big Deal!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"If somebody`s gonna smoke a joint in their house and not do anybody any harm, then perhaps there are other things our cops should be looking at to engage in and try to clean up some of the other problems we have in society."

sarah palin

- Former pot smoker Sarah Palin

I usually quote Sarah Palin in an attempt to get a few chuckles out of my liberal readers. In every Palin speech there`s always at least one or two sound bites that are guaranteed to make intelligent folks laugh in disbelief.

I wish more conservatives would embrace Palin`s Laissez-faire attitude towards the recreational use of marijuana. For once I find myself on the same side of an issue as Palin.

Although I would go much further and call for the legalization of marijuana, why should there be prohibitions against using a natural herb with many therapeutic benefits and almost no bad side effects?

"Palin told the Anchorage Daily News in 2006 that she smoked marijuana when it was legal in Alaska but didn`t enjoy the experience." - Read more
Palin seems to be channeling Bill `I didn`t inhale` Clinton. How about a little honesty? Why can`t Palin confess: Yeah dude, I used to smoke me some weed when it was legal, and I love smoking a joint almost as much as I enjoy having sex with my hunky husband!

If Palin were still smoking weed she wouldn`t be so uptight, and she would stop making inflammatory statements. Somebody needs to give girlfriend some choice product.

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