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Published:April 3rd, 2006 12:19 EST
Author Del Marbrook Helping to Pave the Way for Aspiring Journalist

Author Del Marbrook Helping to Pave the Way for Aspiring Journalist


Former newspaper editor mentors the Student Operated Press 

Retired newspaper editor and author of the hit mob novel Saraceno, Djelloul Marbrook is now adding a new title to the list. Mentor. 

In March of 2006 Marbrook became the new featured editor of The Student Operated Press, a Florida based journalism group. A featured editor`s job is to help foster, mentor, and grow the talent of the next batch of future journalists, who are given a place to present their work with The Student Operated Press. 

Marbrook has held many jobs in his long and distinguished life and career. Newspapers were in his blood very early. As a boy, he sold newspapers on a street corner in the Hell`s Kitchen district of New York. At that job, Djelloul had the privilege of meeting many of the stars of Hollywood at the time; actors such as Robert Alda, Vivian Blaine, Marlon Brando and the famous mobster Frank Costello were all regular customers of his newsstand. As Marbrook grew up he continued to pursue journalism, becoming a reporter for the Providence Journal, it was in this job that Djelloul`s editor decided to give him his nickname of Del, which he used throughout his entire career in the newspapers.  

Del would later become an editor of the New York state based Elmira Star-Gazette, and his performance would continue to get him promoted to editor of many other successful papers including The Baltimore Sun, The Winston-Salem Journal and Sentinel, The Washington Star, and the chain of Media News newspapers. After retiring Del became a writer of poetry and fiction. His first hit hardcover novel, Saraceno was inspired by his real life experiences and many of the characters are based on people he met all those years ago when he sold newspapers in Hell`s Kitchen. The lead character of mob hit man Billy Salviati was actually inspired by a tough as nails ex-convict who was a co-worker of Del`s.  

In February of 2006 the Student Operated Press founder Judyth Piazza interviewed Del about Saraceno for her esteemed radio show, The American Perspective. It was through this meeting, and subsequent conversations that Piazza offered the position of featured editor to Mr. Marbrook. Marbrook dove in head first at the chance to help nurture and foster the future reporters of America through The Student Operated Press. 

The Student Operated Press can be found at Djelloul Marbrook`s hit mob/fantasy hard cover novel Saraceno (ISBN: 0-9739465-0-4) can be found at book retailers, and online.  

For more information or to schedule an interview, contact Mike Gagnon, Open Book Press, (519) 396-6145 or