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Published:April 13th, 2006 17:26 EST
From Trash to Trendy makes Pretty

From Trash to Trendy makes Pretty

By SOP newswire

It’s  smart and easy  with PEBEO Colors  and Ideas

Spring is here and it is time to wake up the artist within. Unfortunately, the will to create does not always equal the talent to do so... which is why  PEBEO, creators of colors for arts and leisure, in collaboration with Madeleine Langlois from Maddy Lane Design, are presenting the first of a series of easy-to-do home beautifying projects.  Maddy, who is an interior designer columnist and PEBEO, created easy to do, step-by-step decor projects with our readers in mind.  This month project is a Contemporary Retro dinnerware ensemble.

Maddy Langlois, keeping in mind the latest trends, such as Contemporary Retro, had this to say about the proposed dinnerware ensemble: ”These designs, with their bright fun colors and patterns, are a flash from the past with a news twist and”, added Maddy, "These sleek organic shapes, with a pop art flair, are not only trendy but nowadays what can be considered the new classic".

The entire dinnerware ensemble consisting of placemats, napkins, vases and glasses are all made using recycled and discarded items, which were all revived with style using PEBEO colors. Maddy gave new life to these items, and all at a very low cost. The PEBEO product lines, are well known for their colors and accessories for arts, leisure and teaching. PEBEO has recently expended its home beautifying lines with specifically made paints and project suggestions. The PEBEO home decorations colors are very easy to use and adapt to all techniques, and can be applied on various surfaces.  PEBEO colors products are known for gorgeous rich colors that are ease-to-use especially when combined with the right materials and easy to follow step-by-step instructions in order to achieve beautiful and stylish results.

"We are so pleased to present a series of accessible creative projects which anyone can easily achieve", stated Luce Robitaille, Marketing Manager, North-America division, "we are quite confident that with the assistance of Maddy we are embarking on a creative journey that is sure to inspire and awaken the artistic soul within all of us".


Next month, we will present  THE BOHO LOOK!

For more information on Plebe product lines, you may also call Anne Howard at

310-297-9578 to setup interviews with Yves Darche and/or Maddy Langlois to further discuss these projects.  You may request product samples and kits by contacting Anne; step-by-step pictures and instructions are also available.