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Published:September 18th, 2006 03:23 EST
2006 CLONEY AWARDS- Trinity is that you?

2006 CLONEY AWARDS- Trinity is that you?

By Anne Laszlo Howard

(Orlando, FL) - Deborah Ford Smith flying in from Ohio, where she has completed filming Beowulf: Prince of the Geats will go straight to Orlando to receive a 2006 CLONEY AWARD on September 24th. With this prospect, she should feel a little anxious, or at least a bit dazed by all this activity. Instead of being a nervous wreck, she is as cool as Trinity, the famous character whose impersonation (among others) has earned her this award. Trinity, whom she impersonates not only in looks but also in character, now seems to be a part of her life, and this ability to merge is the true mark of the artist impersonator; not a mere replica, but bringing new life and making it her own.

Deborah started doing impersonation in 2003, after repeat requests for an autograph from the public mistaking her for Carrie-Anne Moss-- who played the character Trinity in The Matrix movie trilogy. Preparation for impersonation is an in-depth process that requires not only a great amount of talent but also commitment. Deborah describes the process as such: “First, I make the decision to be that character, to study her, develop a wardrobe suited for the character, and once I have a suitable outfit, then do photos”.

When asked how she started in this line of work, Deborah added, “With Trinity, people kept asking me for my autograph, and since I am an actress, it was a logical step. The second character was Kate Jackson-- Sabrina, in Charlie’s Angels-- which for many years people had commented on the resemblance, but I did not do anything about it... that is until the success portraying Trinity”.

The 2006 CLONEY AWARDS DIRECTOR'S RISING STAR will be given to Deborah Smith Ford Sunday, September 24 at 7:30 p.m. She is being honored for multiple celebrity portrayals. The winners are strictly determined by votes of Guild members, although nominations are traditionally accepted from non-members, as well. Further explaining the signification of this event, "This award comes from the best of the best in our industry, those who really know what it's like to be a tribute artist or look-alike,” says Deborah “and that means more than words can say.”

In addition to filming Beowulf: Prince of the Geats, (approximate release date is March 2007), Deborah is involved with various projects in preproduction, such as Vortex: the Revelation, (production June 2007), Drakan, A Hero's Journey, (production June 2008) and this fall Killing Mr. Watson and finally Vooshaday.

Previously, she was also the recipient of numerous Awards:
World Tribute Artists Celebrity Impersonator's Rising Star Award for Matrix’s "Trinity" in Ft. Erie, Canada (2003)
Florida Motion Picture & Television Assoc.'s Crystal Reel Awards
Crystal - Female Print Model
Two Bronze & two Silver - Script Supervisor

Deborah Smith Ford, an actor and impersonator whose energy knows no end, is also recognized as a farmer in Citrical's national TV and radio spots in the campaign against osteoporosis. How fitting for someone who lives her life to the fullest. Moreover, you can be sure that you will be seeing more of her in the years to come. For further information about Deborah Smith Ford and/or to set up an interview, please contact Anne Howard by writing or phone at:

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