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Published:December 5th, 2006 06:56 EST
World's Most Famous Dead Person Turns One

World's Most Famous Dead Person Turns One

By SOP newswire

COLUMBUS, OH "Thirty two million hits and counting for the unique website, which has done something no one thought it would "Last more than 15 minutes. The website`s star, Dead Body Guy an alter ego of Chuck Lamb of Columbus, Ohio turned one year`s old on December 5th and does not seem to be losing much steam.

Born from Mr. Lamb`s yearning to be in a TV or movie star, Dead Body Guy`s website shows the 48 year old computer professional playing dead in humorous poses around his home in a Homer Simpson type way. Everything he does ends up in his demise. His wife Tonya joins in the fun by making the fake blood and being the creative genius behind many of the scenes.

Chuck Lamb admits he has no acting experience, not good looking, and he really cannot think of anything he does well in the acting profession accept one "he can play dead with the best of them! Lamb says he answers every email and keeps his audience informed on the sites progress. There is a news page and a blog that are included on the site.

During the year of his alter ego`s existence, Mr. Lamb has been on The Today Show " twice, CNN`s Showbiz Tonight ", MSNBC`s Rita Cosby Show ", WB`s What I like About You ", The STARZ! Comedy Channel as guest host and will appear in two up and coming major motion pictures to be released next year.

Mr. Lamb has been heard on over 400 radio interviews and appeared in most every major magazine and newspaper around the world. The Associated Press calls him a Global Phenomenon " and CNN rates his site as One of the Top Ten Personal Internet Sites in Internet History "

Lamb is now filming the family horror comedy Horrorween " as Salvador Dementia, the leader of a dysfunctional family that hits the big time when they stumble upon an operating system knockoff of Microsoft Windows named Chindows " and becomes a dot com millionaire.

Dead Body Guy has his own MySpace place at and has many well known friends " he has met since he has achieved celebrity status. In addition, Mr. Lamb is in the process of writing a book to document his meteoric rise to fame, encouraging others with his tag line Never Quit Living Your Dream "

When asked if he is still amazed at the attention he gets wherever he goes, Lamb says Heck no, I want to meet everyone of my new friends and tell them thanks for all of the support. We still answer every single email and I am happy to be known as the most famous dead person in the world "

We are hoping one year is just the beginning. We want the Dead Body Guy to die of old age, " chuckled Mr. Lamb.