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Published:January 30th, 2007 12:00 EST
Crow Raises $250,000 for Breast Cancer Research Foundation by Deeds and Examples

Crow Raises $250,000 for Breast Cancer Research Foundation by Deeds and Examples

By Anne Laszlo Howard

Crow Raises $250,000 for Breast Cancer Research Foundation by Deeds and Examples "

Hollywood, CA (rushprnews) 01/30/2007 - After six months cancer free, she forges ahead with new business plans and Award Nominated Song.

Surviving her own battle with breast cancer, Sheryl Crow has become one of the most effective advocate for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation raising more than $250,000 by deeds and examples.

This news could not be timelier since the American Cancer Society recently announced the first decline in cancer deaths in its history. Early detection and education being pivotal factors in this downturn, her commitment is that much more important. According to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation`s spokesperson, Sheryl Crow approached the Foundation in 2006 with the deepest commitment to the cause of educating women about self-exam with a special focus on young women and is always looking for ways to further raise awareness and include the Foundation in her plans. Crow explained, I had my sixth month cancer free so I`m healthy and happy, " and " she continued, "I`ve had a really interesting year because even though this is a highly personal issue, I chose to go public with it for the possibility of saving someone`s life. "

Forging on since her clean bill of health from her own battle with stage1 breast cancer from which she undergo radiotherapy in 2006, Sheryl Crow in partnership with LA based Brand Sense Partners is developing an apparel and accessory line that will reflect her lifestyle and commitment to social responsibility. With that feisty spirit in tow, when Director Irwin Winkler played for her his latest film Home of the Brave, Crow could not turn down his offer of writing the end-credit song, hence was born Try Not To Remember ". A song that she says is not only about the war in Iraq, for which she has very vocally taken a stand against, but also the Viet Nam war and learning from past mistake. Crow went on explaining to Hollywood Today I looked at it from the standpoint of how did we get here again (with Iraq); we were already there with the Vietnam War. What is it we didn`t learn to put us right back in the situation as evolved people? The advance screening of the film has been received to mix review but her song Try Not to Remember " received a Golden Globe Nomination for Best Original Song nomination and critical acclaim.

As always outspoken, she had this to say, " The idea for me is we won`t revisit that because it`s a dark moment in our history and we`d rather not look at it so the idea of trying not to remember; if you don¹t reflect on your past you`re doomed to repeat it. "

Politics and cancer aside, Crow will be performing publicly again in 2007. Her upcoming concerts kick with an appearance at the Rodeo Houston Championship Round on March 7th. The country venue fits with the direction which she hope to take with her next album which will be self-produced, I`m working in Nashville on an old school country record in the style of the Carter family. "

Finally, many songs from her latest album Wildflower which she completed while undergoing cancer treatment will be played in front of a live audience for the fist time. And as always she will touch many with her music, and maybe in the process, even save a few lives.

By Anne Howard

Hollywood, CA (rushprnews) 01/29/2007The recent tsunami news that producers and ABC were planning to end the hit series Lost " have produced a twist worthy of the show itself: avid fans wanting it to end already.

Some viewers around the world have launched a petition campaign to keep it going. Others quickly chimed in that they agreed with originators who call for closure before stagnation. One member of The Fuselage, " which is run by the creative team behind the show, stated I agree - it`s the producers who should make the decision, not ABC. "

If you look at the history of mythological shows on television, such as the "X-Files` and "Twin Peaks,` people think that they ran longer than they should have, " said show producer Carlton Cuse. There is an underlying feeling among viewers that the writers don`t know either where "Lost` is going. Many believe that a timeline would help not only the writers with focus but also the fans knowing that questions will be answered. "

Cuse and fellow producer Damon Lindelof noted that even "Harry Potter" author J.K. Rowling has said her series will end with its seventh book. "It gives everybody a sort of feeling of certainty that that story is driving toward a conclusion."

Ratings have been strong for most of the shows three seasons, though they have slightly dipped so far this season. It is not the numbers however, but a creative decision to climax the plotlines that may put the show creators in the category of Others " and gave them a bad guy wrap with viewers. Still, some fans hope to keep the flame ablaze by seeing the series turned into a movie as recently proposed by the producers, They are planning to release a full-length movie shortly after the end of the show, focusing mostly on the main cast of characters.

Without any kind of pressure from the network, the decision to end the show comes solely from producers` team, Lindelof admitting to Hollywood Today that the only pressure that we`ve ever received from them is Answer some (expletive) question! "

The blog forums on the Seattle Post-Intelligencer mostly lavished love but included opinions like Lost is manifesting all the `end of life` symptoms that brought down the X-Files, i.e. too much `mythology`, conspiracy, backstory and convolution to provide a cohesive narrative " and I need answers. I quit watching after I got no answers. My wife still loves it, but I need to know what monsters are creeping on the island. "

Many fans are demanding quality over quantity, They`ve mentioned 100 episodes, 4 or 5 seasons, and that sounds about right to me, I don`t want the show to drag on and on, " posted a fan on the message board to applause from others.

Still, why would the network and the producers want to end a money making machine? The answer could lay in its beginning and intensity.

Lindelof stated " this show requires, you know, a very intense and ongoing commitment ". Unlike other shows like 24, " which is serialized and where you can jump on any season and follow the plot, Lost " is very hard to jump back on, " Cuse adding Obviously the flashbacks is one of the challenge of the show, and I think it`s one of the reasons that the show ultimately does need an endpoint. Nothing is as engaging as finding out that Hurley is a lottery winner. " You can only go that far with flashbacks, Kate`s 4th grade spelling bee or Sawyer`s prom might be a bit much for the actors " stated Lindelof. And focusing on upcoming subplots even Evangeline Lilly seems to agree that enough is enough, wondering when asked if she will end up with Jack or Sawyer, I`ll end up with whatever serves the story best ". And Josh Holloway succinctly added best sex. "

Still the fan base who wants to see the show remain on-the-air is strong enough to be an influential factor. From the Hawaiian front, Ryan Ozawa`s podcast notes its most popular podcast, The Transmission, " reached No. 7 on the iTunes Top 10 list, joining more established major podcasts such as ESPN, CBS and NPR, explained On one episode, cast member Jorge Garcia called into the podcast show and audience went wild. With that kind of enthusiasm, I can`t see the fans letting the show go anytime soon ".

Lost " for many has become more than a television show but a phenomena " or at least a cottage industry. Tour companies are adding tours of Lost " filming locations; major PR firms are planning a media trip to Lost " locations. In fact, if not for solid ratings, Lost " would be considered a cult show based on all the websites that it has inspired even before it was actually aired and for the passion of the fans, instead make it a mainstream hit. even has a countdown timer till the next episode and 92% of the readers voted the show should stay on the air past the 100-show mark even if it waters down the show. " The other 8% said it should stay on the air even if it`s just the logo for an hour. "

In the end, we shall see which side wins " the one that supports creative closure or the one that produces millions in annual ad revenue.

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