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Published:June 10th, 2007 08:49 EST
Jan Vermeiren Teaches an Accelerated Power Networking Training Course

Jan Vermeiren Teaches an Accelerated Power Networking Training Course

By SOP newswire

How to be more successful by tapping into the power of your network. 


At the end of this one day accelerated power networking training course you will work more efficiently and with more fun. You will:

  • Network with the right attitude
  • Reach your goals faster and be able to perform your daily tasks more efficiently
  • Attract opportunities with no extra effort
  • Feel more comfortable at receptions and events
  • Use the tools more efficiently
  • If you are in sales: receive introductions and referrals spontaneously (in other words: less cold calls!)

A nice side effect is that the participants really get into networking and start to help each other. In the past several sales, co-operations and other opportunities were realised during the training course!  

In practice 

The training course is a mix of a small theoretical frame with lots of practical exercises. Interactivity is very important.  

The “Accelerated Networker training course” is a one-day course. It is built around the Proactive Networking process of Jan Vermeiren and Hendrik Deckers. 

Target group 

Every one who wants to deal with his/her network more aware, more efficiently and with more fun. The training course is suited for sales and non-sales profiles. Because we work with a personal action plan, neither previous expertise nor a specific background is required.  


Day: Friday July 13, 2007

Hours: 8.30 AM – 5.30 PM

Location: San Diego, Mission Valley Crowne Plaza Hotel, 2270 Hotel Circle North

Participation Fee: 298 US dollar (lunch and drinks are included) 

To register: send an e-mail to and we will provide you with the instructions. 

This program is a one-day accelerated power introduction to networking. 

These are the topics of the training course: 

  • What is networking?
  • How to get a grip on your networking efforts?
  • What are the 6 degrees of proximity and how do they influence your results?
  • How to reach your goals faster by tapping into the power of your network?
  • How to you present yourself in a way that you will be remembered?
  • What is the difference between an Elevator Story and an Elevator Pitch and what does yours look like?
  • How to really establish relationships by making use of the Golden Triangle of networking?
  • How to get your network work for you
  • If you are in sales: how to boost your business by getting referrals and introductions instead of making cold calls?
  • How to choose between all the events to go to?
  • How to make contact at an event?
  • How to have a conversation that matters?
  • How to end a conversation?
  • How to build relationships further after you have met someone: what is a good follow up?
  • How can I benefit from networking on the Internet?  

Your trainer: Jan Vermeiren 

Jan is the Networking Coach. He is an international speaker, trainer and author.

    On February 1st 2006 his first book about networking, Let’s Connect!, was published in Belgium, Europe. It is a book about how to improve your networking on events and on the Internet, whether you are in sales or not. The US launch is scheduled on October 9, 2007. 

    Jan and his team are hired by large companies like Alcatel, Belgacom, Delta Lloyd Bank, DuPont, EDS, Ernst & Young and SAP as well as by small companies and freelancers.

What is the opinion of participants of previous training courses and workshops? 

“Who needs networking?” was my first reaction when my attention was drawn to the Smart Networking training of the Networking Coach. But my prejudice turned out to be false. Quickly it became clear to me that my own network would reveal its secrets more rapidly if I invested more time in it. The coaching, tips and tricks afterwards helped me a lot to keep my focus.” Jan De Vooght, Regional Manager North & West Africa – Siemens ICN Enterprise Networks (Telecom)

“This training is a very useful investment of your time for two reasons: on the one hand the fundamental insights in networking are offered in a professional ànd original manner. The content is presented in an interactive and compelling way (this keeps hold of your attention, especially after a long working day). On the other hand, networking opportunities are created and stimulated on the spot and have instant results!” Greet Pipijn, Managing Director, Emotionele Intelligentie Instituut (Training)

“Networking, everybody does it, but only a few do it in a professional way. Jan gave me a totally new angle and a new attitude “Sharing is growing”. Result guaranteed, whatever function you have in an organisation.” Jan De Boeck, purchaser Alcon and freelance trainer (Pharmaceutica)

“Networking doesn’t have to be a heavy task if you try to establish contacts with the right attitude. I especially benefited from filling in the personal action plan. A second point is that the e-mails after the course keep you awake and don’t let you get sidetracked. Well done!” Inge Dom, HR Business Partner Alcatel (Telecom)

“This training gave me a totally different point of view on networking and what I thought it was. Being social and know lots of people is definitely not good networking! The examples from real life made this clear very quickly. Professional networking requires some effort in changing attitudes, but with the tips and tricks of the workshop this can be immediately put into practice and with great results!” Michele De Saedeleer, ExxonMobil (Petro-Chemical) 

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