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Published:September 21st, 2007 10:15 EST
Tangled Politics,  America's foreign policy

Tangled Politics, America's foreign policy

By SOP newswire

We are at a moment of truth for America's foreign policy -- our decisions today will dramatically shape the role of America in the world for generations to come. We must repair our nation's tarnished reputation and once again become a source of inspiration and hope across the globe.

Right now, Congress is debating the best way to address our foreign policy challenges -- most importantly, ending the war in Iraq. Our troops are being asked to risk their lives to solve problems that our civilian leaders created. President Bush has yet to explain how our military can succeed given Iraq's tangled politics and his administration's own lack of credibility. The President's policies have cost our nation dearly.

One of the most important actions we can take today is to support a New Direction for America's foreign policy by working to expand the Democratic Majority in Congress.

Only by strengthening and securing our control of Congress and putting a Democrat in the White House can we reclaim America's rightful position after years of disastrous Republican rule. The stakes are high -- we must succeed. House Democrats are so committed to moving America forward that they will match your gifts with two of their own, tripling your impact.

Contribute today and House Democrats will match your generous donation 2-1, tripling its impact.

As the third filing deadline approaches on September 30th, we must renew our commitment to creating lasting change. Your generous financial support to the DCCC before September 30th will speak volumes about how strongly you feel that we need to end the damaging foreign policies of George W. Bush and renew our role as a positive force for international stability and prosperity.

The current debate in Congress illustrates just how vital your support is. Democrats are fighting for policies that will strengthen our security and restore our reputation. The time is now to elect leaders who will make us proud and keep us safe. We have a tremendous opportunity to move America in a new direction. It is imperative that we act today.

Contribute before September 30th and House Democrats will match your generous donation 2-1, tripling its impact.

The actions we take today could make all the difference in our fight for America's future.


Madeleine K. Albright
Former Secretary of State

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