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Published:November 23rd, 2007 11:10 EST
A Father's Cry for His SON

A Father's Cry for His SON

By SOP newswire

The following is submitted for publication by Bradley Dallas North Publications:

DEATH OF OUR SON Dedicated to David Keith Sumrell II

On August 14 th, 2007, that was the the day our son departed for Heaven. He was driving late to get to work on time, for the next day; when he fell asleep at the wheel and went on his way. His death was sudden and there was no pain; except in our hearts knowing we would never be together again. His love was abundant and through everyone he met; a gentle man and a leader, who his friends will never forget. In so many ways he touched their hearts; his respect for others was where it starts. The men said he taught them how to love and respect each other; while the women said he was like a perfect brother. They all got to love him in their own special way; but no one was ready for what happened that day. The day my daughter called and cried out in pain, dad, David is dead; how the fear in her cries ran through my head, as we tried to understand the words she had said.

 The death of our son, this couldn't be true; we did not know where to go or what to do. I think that shock took over and kept us alive; especially the first month, we had to survive. The death of our son, this couldn't be true; I hope and pray this never happens to you. To loose a child, in our case our son; because a child is a gift and we should treasure them like one. Our son was given the gift of love; and when he was on earth, he knew it came from above. We were given his love for almost 22 years; since that day forward we have cried a million tears. We thank the Lord for taking him home; where there is no darkness and he is not alone. One day soon we will be with him again; that is one of those days and only God knows when. We love you David and we will carry on; because we know you want us to continue being strong. We know you are with us and in our hearts you will stay; until we see you again on that perfect day. Praise God for everything we have been given; as we endure the trials and tribulations of living. AMEN.

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