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Published:March 3rd, 2008 11:57 EST
Escape the Facade of Modern Day Self Enlightenment

Escape the Facade of Modern Day Self Enlightenment

By SOP newswire

Houston, TX Finally, an alternative to the popularized, prepackaged  self-esteem genre crowding American bookstores. A new book provides an innovative, intelligent way to self-awareness and enlightenment.

Paradox: Journey Inside Out takes you on a radical journey transcending what human reality is taught to be in modern day society.  

Through a blend of sharp pop-culture commentary and poetry, Sean Stubblefield bypasses the maze of overwrought ‘you can do it’ mantra being sold by so many self-improvement gurus. Much of today’s idea of finding one’s life purpose has been commercialized to fit the Corporate America way of product placement. “What is actually important is not selling power, but telling power", says poet/author Stubblefield. 


"Behavior is born in belief," Sean elaborates. "Therefore, we must become responsible for being aware of what we think and why... finding our own unique purpose and identity."

Paradox breaks the mold by rising above the idea of humans marketing themselves in order to be bought and sold by the highest bidder. One’s life purpose is as unique as the individual. True enlightenment cannot be found in celebrity motivational speakers; it has to be discovered from within.

Escape the materialism of the modern world and found your own truth. Imagine the possibilities. 

For information about Paradox: Journey Inside Out, contact Sean Stubblefield at or see  

Publisher:  VonChasePublishing