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Published:June 3rd, 2008 17:48 EST
Mysteries of History with Kristin Marzec and Krzys Wasilewski Hits the Air Waves

Mysteries of History with Kristin Marzec and Krzys Wasilewski Hits the Air Waves

By SOP newswire2

Mysteries of History is the name of a new podcast available on the Student Operated Press website as well as iTunes. Prepared by Kristin Marzec and Krzys Wasilewski, the Sunday column will take readers and listeners on a fascinating journey through inscrutable secrets of the past. 

Contrary to what most high school students think, history can be fascinating. Krzys Wasilewski, who is graduating soon with a Master`s degree in International Relations, says that the years he spent at the university have taught him the importance of history. "If you don`t know why World War II broke out or what caused the American intervention in Vietnam, you cannot understand the contemporary world," he says. 

That is why, together with his fiancée and editor Kristin Marzec, Krzys decided to launch Mysteries of History.  They hope that the attractive form of the podcast" sensational, barely known facts mixed with a complex historical perspective" will appeal to many, especially young, people. "Those who do not want to read will now be able to listen to it thanks to Kristin, who not only edits the text but also records it in her beautiful Californian accent," says Krzys. 

Mysteries of History debuted on the SOP last Sunday. The first podcast discusses the Kaleva Incident from 1940 that, according to many historians, was the real beginning of the Cold War. In this scantily known episode, a Finnish plane with the American diplomat Henry W. Antheil Jr. was shot down by two Soviet air fighters. Some suspected that Antheil had been carrying top-secret materials concerning Stalin`s plans to invade the Baltic States.  

The second episode has already being written. As the European Soccer Championships take off this Saturday, Mysteries of History hopes to show Americans that soccer " or football, as it is called in Europe" is not only a mere sport but also carries serious political and military repercussions. Also, Kristin and Krzys will dig into the etymology of the words soccer and football and will try to answer how they began to name two different things. 

"We have big plans for Mysteries of History," says Krzys. "The beginnings are always hard but the couple believes their new podcast will attract a numerous audience of faithful subscribers. If everything goes well, they say, the column may turn into a historical spectacle with dialogs and sound effects. Great stories happen for real, not only in James Bond`s movies," says Krzys.  

Both Kristin and Krzys hope that their readers and listeners will help them make Mysteries of History even better. That`s why they provide their e-mail addresses and ask people for suggestions, comments, and ideas for new episodes. If there`s something that you would like to learn more about, write us,  encourages Krzys, pledging that he will respond to any message, even ones that are not so favorable. 

About Kristin Marzec and Krzys Wasilewski: 

Kristin Marzec is an undergraduate student at Georgia Southern University and plans to pursue her academic career in Industrial/Organizational Psychology at a post-graduate level. She joined the Student Operated Press early this year and has amazed the other staffers with her personal charm and editorial skills.  

Krzys Wasilewski is a 25-year-student of International Relations with graduation scheduled for June of this year. Apart from current affairs, he is interested in history, politics, literature, and music.  

Kristin and Krzys met in February 2007 and immediately fell in love with each other. They plan to get married in the spring of 2009.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please write to: