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Published:June 23rd, 2008 08:07 EST
And For My Next Book... "Afterword"

And For My Next Book... "Afterword"

By Sean Stubblefield

As book two of a philosophy trilogy, Afterword continues from Paradox by considering the transition of moving beyond words to acting on our beliefs.


Samurai have a code of conduct--a Way of life-- called Bushidō (Way of the Warrior), which emphasizes courage, dignity and honor. Ideally, they think like men of action, and act like men of thought.


In Hagakure: Book of the Samurai, it says, "Whenever you meet difficult situations, dash forward bravely and joyfully".


Embracing the spirit of samurai, Afterword is composed of aphorisms encouraging us to be more active participants in our lives and "practice what we preach". With vigor and valor, dare to create a life of adventure and nobility.


There is a point everyone must reach for, when and where all is said and

not yet done. A moment in time and space after words.

There, the future awaits the daring man... and yet waits for no man.


(Published in conjunction with VonChase Publishing and The Student Operated Press.)


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