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Published:November 13th, 2008 19:57 EST
"WHITE HOUSE" gets a quote in "WISDOM IN SMILE"

"WHITE HOUSE" gets a quote in "WISDOM IN SMILE"

By SOP newswire2

"WHITE HOUSE" gets a quote in "WISDOM IN SMILE" by Askin Ozcan - Short stories for long laughter.

"WISDOM IN SMILE" by Askin Ozcan (ISBN 142577153X) (Xlibris) contains twenty two witty, interesting and humorous short stories and other writings which will make you laugh, think, get inspired and recommend the book to your friends.

?WISDOM IN SMILE ?  is a collection of short stories and other writings by Askin Ozcan, who has five titles in the market in different genres.

The foreword starts with a quote from Picasso: "Art is a lie which helps to explain the truth."

Askin Ozcan replies to this with another quote: "Truth is a lie, which helps to explain the art."

Quotes follow one another in the preface: "If you can, you must!" says a German philosopher at the wall in front of Harvard University. Askin Ozcan suggests another quote for the door of the White House: If you must, you can!"
"WISDOM IN SMILE" has a terrific story titled, "Victory of The Comedians ? where comedians start a political party and win in the elections, simply because they are honest and they can entertain the people.  This causes them to be preferred to the other parties who promise but don`t deliver things anyway and besides they are boring! Read the rest of the story in its original version in the book.

"EURO HUMOR" is another very interesting short story, making fun with the European Union.

"Everybody likes to Travel" , "Side Effects", "Penicillin", "The White Dog", " Play or Cheating?", "The Annual Science Prize", "Street Musicians" are but some of the fascinating stories you will like to read in this book.

As retail, "WISDOM IN SMILE" is available from the publisher : with a discount  or at 200 Internet bookshops (under the author`s name) including,

As wholesale, it is distributed  by the world`s largest book wholesaler :