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Published:July 16th, 2009 09:21 EST
Mentors Harbor Magazine: Releases the 12 New Mentors for Next Year

Mentors Harbor Magazine: Releases the 12 New Mentors for Next Year

By Glenn Brandon Burke (Mentor/Speaker)

It`s finally completed! We have scouted far and wide for our 12 mentors that would be best to do interviews with and create Mentors Magazine cover stories. They are from all different area`s of mentoring and are all experts in their field. Some are "A" list celebrity types and some are new rising stars. Mentors Harbor highly recommends them all! Here are our final decisions for the next year. Following is a brief description of what they do, (please give me your comments to

1) Jack Canfield - Jack is the co-author and creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Book series and was also one of the stars in the movie; The Secret. I personally love Jack because he is such a light hearted, spiritually based person that overflows with wisdom.

2) Glenn Brandon Burke, M.Ed. - Glenn has multiple talents, but the one we were the most interested in was the fact that he is celebrated for mentoring to the prison communities. He has done much to give people hope for a new life after being released from prison. In addition, Glenn speaks with colleges & universities throughout the counrty with students, faculty and adminstrator to Motivate and Inspire on Student Retention, Access, Equity & Success. As well a being the CEO of a million-dollar sales company based in Las Vegas, NV, he speaks with business leaders on having a successful sales team. &

3) Dr. Stan Harris - Stan has a long history of teaching people how to overcome obstacles. In fact his nickname is, "Dr. Breakthrough". On stage, Stan will teach how anyone can break through barriers... in fact has people in the audience break through a stack of boards after a few moments of guidance.

4) David Schirmer - David was the only "Aussie" in the movie, "The Secret". (He is the one who is good at manifesting parking spaces). David teaches the secrets to wise investing... especially in today`s economy. His advice here is certainly an interview you won`t want to miss.

5) Cynthia Gardner O`Neill - Cynthia is excellent in teaching how to change your thinking in order to change your health for the better. She also gives an abundance of practical advice on how to use Holistic medicine and Natural foods.

6) KC Kang - KC is from Japan and grew up in a society during a time when a woman needed to be viewed as physically beautiful if she was going to be successfully married to a man of means. She was born with a skin condition where over a period of time... medication would no longer work. (Before her medication stopped working, she was on magazine covers). Through an enormous amount of research and experimentation... she created skin products that are amazingly successful and are now receiving global recognition. Her amazing story also gives insight into what true beauty is.

7) Don Miguel Ruiz - Don Miguel is the global best selling author of the book, "The Four Agreements". The four practical agreements that he teaches about; have radically changed the thinking of those who`ve read it, and have improved countless lives towards a feeling of inner peace .

8) Lee Travathan - Lee has a very long history of mentoring the artistic mindset. She teaches "A" list celebrity musicians, actors and artists on how to market and promote themselves, change their thinking to a successful mindset and also improve their product or service. Her client list will surprise you as a multitude of the names Lee works with are known to everyone.

9) Cathi Adams
- Cathi has mentored many women who have a history of being in abusive relationships. Cathi says there is a type of mindset that some women have that seems to habitually place themselves in an environment that eventually turns hurtful and hostile. These women don`t want to find people that hurt them, but somehow it happens over and over again. Her insight was incredibly on target and very enlightening to me personally.

10) Lee Milteer - Lee has been around for many years teaching how to create a life of abundance and prosperity. She certainly "walks her talk". Lee teaches that it isn`t about how much money you make that creates abundance... but the mindset you have, and being at peace with what ever you do. Her insights are spiritually love based.

11) DC Cordova - DC is the founder of the "Excellerated Learning Centers" that are globally based. DC mentors about the importance of living the right type of life that will help others while also helping yourself. Her practical advice also goes into a great deal of depth about important money management techniques that must be applied in today`s economic climate.

12) Ken Varga - Ken is a multi-millionaire philanthropist that created (39) million $$$ businesses in 38 years. Most of them are in different fields such as banks, airlines, health insurance, on-line marketing, investment strategies and many more. He says there is a habitual way of thinking and practical applications that remain consistent... no matter what business you`re in.