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Published:November 22nd, 2009 13:37 EST
SEYAJ to Launch First Documentary

SEYAJ to Launch First Documentary

By SOP newswire2

SEYAJ has put together the scenes of the first documentary movie of children abuse and discrimination in schools. Children, Yemeni or refugees, tell their stories of discrimination and abuse which they face in schools. Imad is the child protagonist who becomes the connecting point to all characters. The movie will include scenes that display discriminatory events.

The movie named "Discrimination and Abuse against Children in Schools" is a threshold aimed at minimizing children`s abuse.  

The movie shows the negative impacts that may result children in dropping schools, feeling insecure, and losing their basic rights.  The movie will also include social and psychological experts to comment on the impacts of these incidents.  

The movie was written by Ahmed al-Qurashi, the chairman of SEYAJ, and produced by the new director Homadi al-Rajihi. The movie is scheduled to first premiere in Ibb governorate, and then in Sana`s in next December with other programs performed in the project of Arts for Human Rights.  

The 20 minutes movie was produced in accordance with the best standards "high resolution, deep expressive language, connected themes, and high-technology photography and montage. The movie is going to be translated later into English later.  

Issued by SEYAJ Organization for protecting children

Yemen, Sana`a-November 22 , 2009.