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Published:February 13th, 2010 12:20 EST
Revised Edition of "Apart from You" Published

Revised Edition of "Apart from You" Published

By Ernest Dempsey

Apart from You

Leonore H. Dvorkin

Apart from You


CreateSpace, 2010
For sale on

$14.95 paperback, 344 pages
ISBN: 978-1449976279

This is a revised version of the book published in 2000 by Wildside Press.

"A brilliant first novel, thoroughly evolved and gorgeously executed." - Alan Rodgers, author
"Gripping and powerful." - Community News, Denver

Indiana University, 1968. Temporarily separated from her liberal-minded fiancé, Elizabeth Nye begins an affair, only to find herself caught in a tangle of love, lies, and belated remorse. Social change, sibling rivalry, and infidelity take center stage as the novel explores multiple varieties and two generations of deception and self-deception. 

The unusual narrative technique allows the reader to see the same action from starkly contrasting points of view. This reinforces the overarching theme of the book, which is the never-ending difficulty of human communication.

To read two chapters of the book, visit the Dvorkin website:
About the Author:

Leonore Dvorkin and her husband, David Dvorkin, who is also a writer, have lived in Denver, CO (USA) since 1971. Leonore works as a language tutor, writer, proofreader and editor, translator, and weight training instructor. She is the author of the autobiographical book Another Chance at Life: A Breast Cancer Survivor`s Journey (Norilana Books, 2009; in Spanish in 2010). Leonore and David invite readers to visit their joint website www.dvorkin.comwhere they will find details of their numerous published books, essays and articles they have written, and photos of them.