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Published:April 15th, 2010 11:08 EST
Recovering the Self - Issue 3

Recovering the Self - Issue 3

By Ernest Dempsey


Ann Arbor (Michigan), April 15, 2010- The 3rd issue of Recovering the Self " a journal of hope and healing Vol. II, No. 2 has come out with fresh, insightful, and guiding contributions from several different writers, some of them professionals and others common people with inspirational stories.


The issue includes two very special interviews: (1) Cassius Cheong on giving up smoking and (2) Daniel J. Tomasulo on healing with psychodrama. The usual content of the journal continues in this issue with articles, essays, poetry, fiction, reviews, and more " all showing the human potential to recover from loss, illness, trauma, and/or any bad thing happening in our lives.


Available Online - The journal is available online at along with a sampler showing the journal`s covers and list of contents. Submissions are now being accepted for the coming issue(s). Submission guidelines are online at the journal`s website For subscriptions, contact the editor at the journal`s website.