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Published:August 25th, 2010 21:40 EST
"THE SECOND VENICE" is invited to La Biennale di Venezia!

"THE SECOND VENICE" is invited to La Biennale di Venezia!

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"THE SECOND VENICE" is the story of an artificial Venice built by Pshht Cola and McBigBite, to protect Venice from destruction and pollution of tourists, after the Italian Government`s decision to limit the number of tourists to it.

The book has caused a worldwide laughter and applause. It became Number 1 in Italy Magazine among the top listed books, surpassing Roman classic Juvenal`s "Satires".

Writer`s Digest critic praises the book because of its humor and its author for his knowledge on architecture and Venice and says, "this book does not give a chance to the reader to be bored."

The President of The Italian American Press, Ralph Ferraro`s review in News Italia Press, known book critic and author Ernest Dempsey`s review in The Compulsive Reader, reviews in,, Hurriyet Daily, in scores of TVs and newspapers in Turkey, in and in many blogs all point out that "THE SECOND VENICE" is a candidate to be a best seller in humor.

"THE SECOND VENICE" has now been recommended for sales at the bookstore of La Biennale di Venezia`s Architectural Exhibition. A small delivery problem this year will hopefully be resolved next year, and the book can be exposed to the ten million visitors of La Biennale.

THE SECOND VENICE - As The Italian Government puts a limit on the number of tourists to Venice, to protect it from destruction and pollution, an American consortium (McBigBite and Pshht Cola) build beside the real Venice a "Second Venice" which is "bigger and better". This book is the ludicrous story of life in this fake Venice. With its fake canals and gondolas, its fake museums and fake paintings, its "Fake Films" festival, congresses and college and dog shows, the Second Venice attracts a sizeable tourist crowd to compete with the real Venice. Spy stories and thieves as well as heated discussions in its pubs, among tourists of various nationalities add a spice to this marvellous humoristic masterpiece. Finally,a sheikh buys The Second Venice at a bargain price, kidnapping the daughter of a friendly family " a major shareholder of the city. Chapter after chapter this book will make you laugh and will be a pleasant addition to your "humor" library.
"THE SECOND VENICE" is 154 pages, and is sold worldwide at 200 internet bookshops incl.,, , , , , , , and is available through 25.000 bookstores by giving its ISBN.

Its wholesale global distribution is by Ingram Book ( besides; it is sold at the bookstores of choice sites like,, www.,, at (History of Venice)
Web-page of author Askin Ozcan:

Askin Ozcan has published titles in the U.S.A. Also many articles published internationally. Currently writer/ mentor at, writes also for,,