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Published:May 4th, 2007 09:07 EST
BlogTalkRadio News Update

BlogTalkRadio News Update

By SOP newswire

As you may have heard, Blogtalkradio has been acknowledged by the editorial board of AlwaysOn Hollywood 100 as one of the top 100 global private companies in the digital/media space.

Needless to say, we are truly excited by this honor especially given the fact that Blogtalkradio launched it`s service in August 2006.  We could not have won this award without the tremendous effort of our staff and the commitment and engagement of our thousands of hosts. Amazingly, since our inception, more than 14,000 broadcasts have been broadcast on BTR. I would like to thank each and every one of you.

Those of you that have been around for awhile, have the seen our platform evolve in many ways. We are constantly looking to enhance the experience for our hosts and listeners and we welcome any comments or suggestions you have.


In the coming months you will see many positive changes to the BTR platform and experience. They include:


  • A completely redesigned website which will build community around our conversations. Listeners will be able to establish profiles, save favorite shows, rate shows, set reminders, comment live on shows, etc. There will be many opportunities to display featured and popular shows based upon user ratings, number of listeners, category etc. Many other enhancements are planned. We expect to launch the site in July.

  • As our monthly total listeners approaches 1,000,000 we are developing a series of monetization initiatives which will be shared with our hosts. These include sponsorships, pre-rolls, during broadcast ad insertions and video and banner ads. In the coming weeks, you will be seeing specific details from our VP Marketing Lisa Padilla. If you have specific inquiries for sponsorship than please send them to

  • We are finalizing beta testing of "click to talk" technology. Initially for IE users, your listeners and guests will no longer be required to dial a phone number to reach your live show. They will be able to click a button on your host channel which will trigger a call to the show, As an added feature, the callers name will appear on your host switchboard. Those callers who choose to use click to talk will only need headset to participate in the broadcast. This enhancement will open up opportunities in international markets, where currently guests and listeners are required to dial an international phone number to reach the live show.  Without the need to dial a long distance call, we expect that the click to talk solution will stimulate more calls into your shows.

  • We have purchased a next generation platform which will not only provide a more stable environment but can be scaled to accommodate our expected growth in shows, listeners, streams, etc. We expect that implementation of the new platform will be in July.

We are actively looking at many types of distribution outlets for your content. Due to our significant existing content as well as current content creation, many distribution outlets are seeking access to our content. We will keep you informed as things develop in this area. More distribution creates more branding and awareness of your shows and of course more listeners. More listeners create more advertising and sponsorship revenues.


If you take a look at our programming guide, you will see that we are currently running more than 100 live shows a day. Our hosts have been bringing in terrific guests such as Jennifer Hudson, Oliver Stone, Wesley Clark, My Chemical Romance, noted bloggers and politicians, etc. We have more than 1500 active hosts and we are adding more interesting content every day.

As you can see, we are fully committed to making Blogtalkradio the best network and platform of its kind.

It has been an exciting ride and we can say with complete certainty that the future of Blogtalkradio and its hosts will see great success in the coming weeks, months and dare I say, years.

Best Regards,