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Published:January 27th, 2008 06:31 EST
Judyth Piazza's  Next Generation of Talk Radio with Gloria Loring

Judyth Piazza's Next Generation of Talk Radio with Gloria Loring

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

The American Perspective is a cutting edge radio program that is full of inspiration and information. It`s intended to help people succeed in life. Each week the American Perspective features celebrity guests from around the nation such as Zig Ziglar, Yolanda King, Tony Little, Mark Victor Hansen, and Dave Ramsey.

The current show has been edited for Internet...

"It`s the next generation of talk radio."

This weeks featured guest is Gloria Loring

Judyth Piazza is one of those imaginative people of boundless energy who change the world one day at a time. She has given young journalists around the world immeasurable help as they launch their careers in a period of great change in the entire communications industry.

I have spent my entire life as a reporter, editor and news executive, and I think I speak authoritatively when I say the profession needs people like her to design and execute the new operational and business models needed in the 21st Century.

Once Judyth interviews you or The Student Operated Press writes about you, the contacts start pouring in, and in a short time you`re actually entertaining the notion that you`re famous. The reason is that Judyth and her staff understand how to use the Internet. They understand its potential, and they restlessly seek new ways to use it.

Del Marbrook
1093 Woods Road, Germantown
NY 12526 (518) 537 3833
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