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Published:October 9th, 2010 11:17 EST
Taking Back Sunday and The Green Goblyn Project on The AP with Judyth Piazza

Taking Back Sunday and The Green Goblyn Project on The AP with Judyth Piazza

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)


Matt Rubano of Taking Back Sunday once told Greg Olwin of, I like being where I am and having that be my domain. " 

What great news for the SOP and their listeners because the sassy and smart Matt Rubano will share his talents with Judyth Piazza Saturday morning on The American Perspective.

"Producers of The American Perspective say, "It is far time that the age gap between AM and FM radio listeners is filled.  We are going to be the ones who fill that gap.  The American Perspective is truly a multi demographical program and we are delighted that our success has allowed us to give back to the community that gave us our start."

Taking Back Sunday`s, Matt Rubano has mastered the makings of a successful philosophy of sound.  Taking Back Sunday strolled straight into the hearts of music lovers worldwide.  Whether it is packed convention halls like Madison Square Gardens or small, intimate performances, the sizzle never leaves the stage. 

Matt will talk about his realization that he is a big dorky bass player for life, " and may share an inside story to inspire and delight you.  Fans will find more to love and, if you`re in the dark, Judy throws the spotlight exactly where it belongs.

Need more music?  Judy gets ghoulishly girly and serves up more of the inside scoop with Sparky of The Green Goblyn Project, a multi-talented band of committed musicians who have commandeered the hearts and minds of music fans across the country.  Sparky has enough experience to know what it takes to hold a group together after success changes the picture.  The Green Goblyn Project is a brotherhood where Sparky found his fortune and his groove.

What does it take to go from idea to invention to realization of a dream?  Sparky shares what he has learned along his incredible journey-- don`t miss the trip!

Join Matt, Sparky and Judy on The American Perspective-- the best in talk radio-- 10:30, Saturday morning, April 12th, on AM radio WTTB 1490.

Community, Non-Profit and Government organizations are encouraged to send their announcements and press releases FREE of charge to  Judyth Piazza and The American Perspective staff has gained a worldwide following.  And as a result of this, there is no better way to get your message out there than The American Perspective and their partners, and

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by Nancy Lee Wolfe (HR Development/Content Manager)