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Published:October 30th, 2010 19:16 EST
Celebrate Halloween with  A Cowboy and Eddie Munster on The American Perspective with Judyth Piazza

Celebrate Halloween with A Cowboy and Eddie Munster on The American Perspective with Judyth Piazza

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)
AP 23

Butch was born on August 2, 1953, in Los Angeles. He made his acting debut in 1961, at age eight, opposite Eddie Albert in the film The Two Bears. While living in Illinois with his grandmother, Butch was flown to Los Angeles to test for the role of Eddie Munster at CBS Studios. "I went in and an hour later I came out with the job," he recalls.

Although a cute little kid, he could play brat parts easily. Aside from acting, an underlying interest throughout his life has been baseball. (His step dad, incidentally, is Ken Hunt, who played for the Yankees and for the Washington Senators briefly.)

Besides his two-year stint as a wolf boy with pointed ears in The Munsters, he was a regular on TV`s The Real McCoys, General Hospital, and My Three Sons. In between, he appeared in numerous commercials and guest spots on many situation comedies throughout the sixties.

In 1971, Butch starred in the Saturday morning kid`s series about a strange world populated by living hats, Lidsville, opposite Charles Nelson Reilly. This show lasted until 1973 and zoomed Patrick into a teen-idol phase of his career, with his face gleaming on the covers of several teen magazines of the early 1970s.

In recent years, he formed his own band, Eddie and the Monsters, and put out a single, "Whatever Happened to Eddie?" which brought him some notoriety from his role on The Munsters. It was because of that single in 1983 Butch is proud that MTV created the `Basement Tapes`, which gave exposure to unsigned bands.

Patrick doesn`t mind talking about being Eddie Munster anymore, but at one time he was bothered by it. He even boasts that he has saved the original Woof-Woof doll after all these years.

Around Halloween Patrick is usually booked solid for events that toast The Munsters and proudly welcome little Eddie, now all grown up. Butch is constantly on the go.  He lives in Los Angeles, CA  where his immediate family remains.

Butch has been in show business for over 40 years. His first acting job was a Kellogg`s commercial in 1960. He was in 16 motion pictures working with such names as Burt Lancaster, Judy Garland, Sidney Potier, Walter Brennan, Audie Murphy, Wayne Newton, Bobby Darin, James Arness, Bill Bixby and Clint Eastwood.

In the past few years he has done a lot of personal appearances around the country including talk shows such as: Oprah Winfrey, Geraldo, Pat Sajak, Jane Whitney, Good Morning America, Solid Gold, The Today Show and MTV to name a few.

In 1985 Mr. Patrick was voted to the top of a "What ever Happened to?" viewers poll.

He did lecturing at Boston State University, high schools, middle schools, USC and conventions. He was also a guest on
Howard Stern, Johnny B. And hundreds of other DJ`s.

Currently he co-hosts Macabre Theatre with Ivonna Cadaver.  They play classic horror films with vignettes during the breaks.  Butch goes out in the field in search of the real "Hollyweird".  

Will Roberts

Will RobertsWill Roberts " A Modern Day Will Rogers.

Political Humorist Will Roberts has enjoyed many successes in his career. From being a television host for Fox and CBS to gaining praise in many of his theatrical, film and television appearances, Roberts has always strived for one thing...perfection. But at heart... Will Roberts is a cowboy. It is his passion. He performs the preeminent tribute to Will Roger`s...America`s Cowboy. Just like Will, Roberts is an expert with a rope and one of the quickest wits with political humor and current events. Onstage Will Rogers comes to life, for many, for the first time. For others, it is like seeing an old friend who was "away" for a while. Will Roberts` show "The Good Will Tour" is very much like Will Rogers` show was in the vaudeville days (Ziegfeld Follies) minus the 50 show girls. He trick ropes and spins the daily events as he converses with the audience.

Performing DEMOS: Humor - Trick Roping - Gun Spinning

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Will Roberts
"The Good Will Tour"

Robert Tannenbaum

Robert K. Tanenbaum is one of the country`s most respected and successful trial lawyers and legal experts. He has never lost a felony case. He has held such prestigious positions as Homicide Bureau Chief for the New York District Attorney`s Office and Deputy Chief Counsel for the Congressional Committee investigations into the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

He has taught Advanced Criminal Procedure at the University of California Berkeley, Boalt Hall Law School, and has conducted continuing legal education (CLE) seminars for practicing lawyers in California, New York, and Pennsylvania.

He is the USA Today, Los Angeles Times, and New York Times bestselling author of eighteen novels, including Counterplay, Fury, Hoax, Absolute Rage, Enemy Within, True Justice, Act of Revenge, Reckless Endangerment, and Malice. He is also the author of the true-crime books Badge of the Assassin and The Piano Teacher: The True Story of a Psychotic Killer. He lives in Los Angeles.

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Happy  Halloween!