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Published:December 30th, 2010 13:05 EST
Tommy Lasorda and Marques Toliver chat with Judyth Piazza on The American Perspective

Tommy Lasorda and Marques Toliver chat with Judyth Piazza on The American Perspective

By Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)

Tommy Lasorda

Hall of Fame Manager and Special Advisor to the Chairman Tommy Lasorda will be coming back to Vero Beach a winner when the Senior Resource Association (SRA) honors him with their first *Living Legend* award. The inaugural *Living Legend* award is being given to Tommy Lasorda for his 59 years of service to the community, particularly for touching the lives of countless seniors as former Dodger manager, icon and friend to the community.

The *Living Legend* awards will be held Monday, January l9th at the Quail Valley River Club, 2345 Hwy A1A, with a cocktail reception and silent auction from 6:00-7:00 p.m. and a dinner and awards ceremony at 7:00 p.m. Baseball guest stars including Vero Beach resident, Rick Monday, and Dr. Hugh McCrystal, former L.A. Dodgers physician, will be on hand to help present the honors. All proceeds from the event will benefit the Senior Resource Association (formerly the Indian River County Council on Aging), an organization that provides activities, education and services for seniors, their families and caregivers in the community.

"The *Living Legend* Award will be given each year to a senior who has enhanced the quality of life of our Indian River County community, particularly for their inspiration to seniors," said Karen B. Rose Deigl, MHA, CEO and President of the Senior Resource Association. "Tommy is such a legend in our town. He changed our history. We want to thank him for touching the lives of countless Vero Beach residents and celebrate an era that will never be forgotten."

Lasorda has a special bond with Vero Beach. He has been an undeniable presence - a resident as well as an accessible celebrity - among this community for the past 59 years. In accepting the award, he has volunteered his time to help the SRA raise much needed funds for its programs and services that enhance the quality of life for the areas` seniors.

Dodger memorabilia will be part of the silent auction. Senior Resource Association plans to make the Living Legend Awards an annual tradition, inspiring seniors and honoring those who have made a difference in their lives.

SRA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Its services range from Adult Day Care and Senior Center activities, to delivering Meals on Wheels to the county`s homebound residents and providing transportation via its Community Coach service.

The cost of the event is $l50.00. To RSVP or find out more about the programs and services of the SRA, please contact Karen Deigl at (772) 569-0760.

Marques Toliver

The subway is New York City`s least talked about music venue. I can`t imagine a worse audience than a constantly fluctuating pack of stressed-out New Yorkers trying to get wherever it is we all go as quickly as possible. Yet every day on the train platforms and in the subway cars, musicians make themselves heard.

On the Bedford L train platform, violinist Marques Toliver told me he likes to play for the money "on a good day, he said, he`ll make $80 in 3 hours "but that he also likes the chance to hone his improv skills.

"I usually just improv...If I`m sad, I`ll play something sad. And if I`m happy, I`ll probably just play something sad, too," he said, and laughed. His violin playing was definitely a cut above the bucket drumming "shock and awe" you might usually find underground. I asked him if he`d studied music in school. "Well, I dropped out of school. Actually, flunked out of school. So I spent my time playing guitar and singing and stuff."


Then he moved here from Florida, around Halloween. "I`ve been couch surfing a lot, although I`m really lucky because I`ve been doing some work with Kyp and David." "The TV on the Radio guys?" I asked. "Yeah. I`m hoping to build a career as a violinist. In the summer I`m gonna take some master classes."

I asked him how he found playing in the subway, overall. "I just judge it by how I`m feeling. It normally works."

Marques will be performing in the West Village at Caffe Vivaldi on Jan. 27 at 9pm. His MySpace page mostly features his singing and guitar playing, but if you`re lucky you might catch his improv violin, somewhere along the L train, sometime soon.

Pete Allman is the President of Celebrity Scene News broadcasting Sundays, 7-8pm PST, with entertainer Steve Rossi on Talk America Radio Network

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