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Published:April 25th, 2010 14:58 EST
Tech-Rewind: iPad Banned in Israel?

Tech-Rewind: iPad Banned in Israel?

By Tim Martin


Today I talk about Internet paranoia:  Should you be afraid to make purchases online?  Is it safe to do your taxes and banking online?  I also talk about password security.

I also talk about 2 iPod Touch prototypes with cameras in them showing up on eBay this week....Apple really has some security issues that they need to address ASAP!  

Gray Powell, the Apple Software Engineer that lost the iPhone 4.0 Prototype is offered a free trip to Germany by a German Airline.  I discuss their real agenda on this offer.
And finally I discuss Israel banning US versions of the iPad, and United States colleges are blocking iPads from accessing their wireless networks.

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