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Published:February 16th, 2006 15:26 EST
Alive Within A Soul

Alive Within A Soul

By Rasha Lamba

India is a highly populated country, as everybody knows, with many religious and cultural diversities. Hindu is one religion that is a majority in India. Hindu worship many gods and godesses, maintaining thousands of rituals and beliefs. There is also a saying related to it, "one festival for everyday of a month".

These rituals and beliefs are very strong, as they were spoken and preached by saints of our old times, sometimes by noble and learned men enlightened by supernatural powers attained after years of constant meditation. This is also about a strong belief that our birth on this world is related with our good and bad performances performed here.

A soul takes birth many times, unless he fulfills his whole good duties and satisfies the prime power. Only then is the soul able to cross the boundries of this physical world and can enter heaven. So, there are thousands of  stories about  reincarnation in India, and increasingly now coming from around the world. I learned of and have seen many proven documentries on the subject, and the latest was displayed on the national TV channel. It was about a girl somewhere from Himachal Pradesh, which is situated in extreme north of India. Her father is a government officer and her mother is a housewife; the family is with good economic background, living happily with thier only daughter.

An incident changed thier whole life and covered it with a mystery. Before that incident, she was a happy girl living a regular life. On her 21st birthday, she was in the middle of a celebration when she suddenly collapsed in front of her relatives and friends. What`s amazing is that the people there came to a standstill as they witnessed what happened when the girl regained conciousness after half an hour.

Immedietly, she started speaking marathi, a native language of Maharashtra, situated in far east in India. Before then, she knew only two languages: Dogri and Hindi. Dogri is a native language of Himachal Pradesh. After that, the girl told everybody that she is somebody else and her birthplace is in Indore, a place in central India, and that her father was "a pandit or pujari"-- a person who performs religious rituals in India-- and that she and her father use to live in the premises of the temple. She said that she had comitted suicide due to some social reasons at the age of sixteen. For rebirth after a longtime, she found the physical body of the present girl suitable for her.

The girl now wants her current parents to go to her place and find about her real father. Despite consulting many specialized neurosurgeons and psychiatrists, no abnormality or disease factor was traced. All of them just told her parents that there is something seemingly abnormal about the brain`s activity, but they don`t know what it is. Her parents lost all hope in medical science, deciding to take their daughter to thier birthplace for her soul satisfaction.

Then they visited Indore and found exactly the place told by that girl and the temple which has turned into ruins. Amazingly, they found an old lady who knew the exact history of the place. The old lady told that the incident claimed by the girl had taken place many years ago when a priest and his daughter use to take care of this temple, and the priest`s daughter commited suicide at the age of sixteen due to some social cause. And after that, no traces of the priest was found anywhere. The whole situation matches word to word with the girl in Himachal Pradesh.

Today, this girl is living with the same condition, with no physical cure. So, this shows that reincarnation exists and should be investigated throughly. The pleasant thing is that many learned persons are on thier way to hard work in studying the subject.

For me, there exist a power beyond everything of this world, and the universe ultimately controls the whole span of life and repeating it every time to run in this physical world.