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Published:October 31st, 2007 06:56 EST
Banned!  U. S. Flag Ceremony

Banned! U. S. Flag Ceremony

By SOP newswire

A long standing Flag Folding Ceremony has been banned at all Military Funerals by the White House. Reciting what the 13 folds to the United States Flag stand for in Military Funerals, can no longer be read by anyone who is an employee of America.

Colonel David Hunt said on Fox News, "We have really blown this. This is a funeral of a family who has lost a son, father, daughter or mother. What it means is that if you want to have a Military Funeral in a traditional way, you have to find your own soldiers to read at the ceremony. This is disgraceful conduct by a White House that says because of political correctness we can no longer give them a traditional burial ceremony."

Many other people in America are also outraged by this decision.

Don Swarthout, President of Christians Reviving America's Values said, "The First Amendment to the United States Constitution apparently says that you can say anything you want to say in America, but if your free speech says anything about the Christian God, it is illegal. Where is that written in our Constitution?"

Swarthout continued, "Actually, I am not surprised. Christians have been silent far too long. This is just a natural progression of what atheist and other so- called liberals have been doing to our country. We have to take America back by getting ourselves organized to fight these kinds of events which are happening all over our country."

In California where this debate over the Flag started we have American schools banning anything that is considered to be Christian and at the same time they have asked students to come to school dressed in Muslim garb, to learn verses from the Koran and to recite Muslim prayers. Where is the rational thinking that should go along with their mixed-up educational ideas?

Swarthout said, "People who favor wiping out religion from public view and from being recited in public are in the minority. Maybe we would be better off if we allowed people to say whatever they want to say, rather than banning things just because they are Christian in nature."


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