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Published:December 29th, 2007 07:22 EST
Why Christians Won't Vote for Mit Romney

Why Christians Won't Vote for Mit Romney

By SOP newswire

Mit Romney has enjoyed somewhat of a surge both in the polls and in popularity after his historic address on his Mormon faith.

Afterwards, Romney operatives were quick to take to the airwaves in a defense of Mormonism. The message driven home by hosts like Sean Hannity and Michael Medved was that Mormons are Christians too.

The only problem is, Mormons have far more in common with Muslims.

Mormons believe that Joseph Smith is the last chief prophet of God in the end times, come to restore the "true faith." Muslims believe that Mohammed is the last prophet.

Mormons believe that when you die, you get your own world, over which you reign as its god. Muslims believe that when you die, particularly in martyrdom, you get 72 virgins.

Mormons believe that Jesus was merely a spirit child, no more a son of God than any other Mormon believer. Likewise, to Muslims, Jesus was merely a prophet, lesser than Mohammed.

Joseph Smith espoused polygamy. Mohammed espoused polygamy.

The Mormon writings of Joseph Smith have been shown to be fraught with misquotes of the Judeo- Christian scriptures and history. The Koran is also full of similar mistakes, sharing with Mormonism an inherent ignorance of the faiths it claims to be built upon.

So why would any of this matter?

There's something altogether too slick about Mit Romney, something about him that is too rehearsed. Some have even called him phony.

Romney says that he has "evolvled" politically, in some cases just in time for this presidential election. From gay marriage, to government run healthcare, unfettered access to abortion, and porous borders, Romney has worked hard to convince the nation that his positions today are solidly conservative. He has courted the evangelical vote with the promise that he shares their political priorities. After all, his campaign insists, he's a Christian just like them.

The truth is, he isn't.

You see, conservative Christians have no problem at all voting for a Mormon, but not for a man who would deceive a nation by telling us that Mormons are Christians too.

And if a candidate and his campaign can work so deftly to deceive us on matters as important as faith, in what other ways is he willing to pull the wool over our eyes?

Rev. CJ Conner is author of Jesus and the Culture Wars: Reclaiming the Lord's Prayer.

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