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Published:February 16th, 2008 19:00 EST
How Could God Let the Holocaust Happen?

How Could God Let the Holocaust Happen?

By Subash Lamichhane


The Love of God is like the oil oozing out from the mustard bean. It appears slowly to us; but, at times, it even shines like the metal foil. The holocaust was one of the most miserable massacres ever to happen in human history. This was a test of faith and a journey to revive a faith. But, before questioning God, we also must question ourselves. Why did such atrocities happen and how can we stop them from happening again. God, who we know from the Bible, knows the beginning from the end; the end from the beginning. He is said to be the Alpha and the Omega. He has his own provisions. However, at times the presence of Satan looks more powerful than the mercy and love of God.

The world is greatly dependent upon the mercy of God, but sometimes even the glory of God can seem faint. The Jewish people who were very faithful to God and worshipped Him all day long were even executed during the holocaust but this does not mean that God was not looking out for them. Instead, having God in their heart seemed to diminish their fear of death. The more one questions God, the more one discovers Him; this was a trial period for every Jew so that they could rediscover the truth and mystery of the great God. This test of faith seems so annoying and full of tragedy, though. How could God, who is so loving, test someone`s faith so cruelly? Let us look at the example of Abraham who was tested by God as well. He was prepared to sacrifice his own son. Surely, at that time, the shadow of Satan seemed to overwhelm the love of great God.

The holocaust is such a misery, such a provoking tragedy that ever happened in human history. There are many times God has tested faith, and the sin of the people sometimes strums to them like the lightening. The people who went to the concentration camps were tortured but the more they were tutored the more love was grown in their heart towards God. And they discovered God more completely.

Consider the story of Jeremiah. Jeremiah had not personally committed the sins that led to Judah`s troubles. God was not angry with him. He could have felt confident that none of this was his own fault. However, rather than smugly concluding that the nation was just getting what it deserved, Jeremiah had compassion. He experienced the hurt, pain and distress being experienced by the nation as a whole. He felt a personal burden for the sins of his people, and he pleaded their case before God. When Jeremiah prayed, he spoke in the first person, "Why have You stricken us so that there is no healing for us? We looked for peace, but there was no good; and for the time of healing, and there was trouble." Others may not have repented, but Jeremiah confessed on their behalf and pleaded for God`s forgiveness. So the holocaust was also, in a way, a trial period for all the Jews to reawaken their faith and discover the mightiness of the great God. When the soul is bleeding and the heart is broken, we seek God more than when we are experiencing pleasure; so, I think Jews having pain on their soul could lead them to seek God and to learn the truth about Him.

"You too have done evil, even more than your forefathers; for behold, you are each one walking according to the stubbornness of his own evil heart, without listening to Me." Jeremiah 16:12 NASB

Many people in ancient Judah were like this, stubbornly clinging to their own will. They didn`t feel any need to care about what God had said. It didn`t matter if certain things were right while others were wrong. However, God knew that these people were foolish and blind. He realized how little they really understood and how much they needed to listen to Him. Like this the Nazis had an evil heart and evil idea. They kept themselves from hearing God and, when madness comes to power, there is always destruction. It was the same with Hitler and his companions who created the plan for such great atrocities. And also, the question arises, how could the world remain silent when the evil heart is dancing over the millions of innocent corpses. The shadow of Satan was powerful enough to block the rays of love and mercy of God. So this period meant to reawake the faith, revive soul and heart so that the prayers could reach God and the fight against evil would finally be won. Even the death of Hitler and the way he died proves the justice of the merciful God. Just as in Biblical days, one reaps what one sows.

Thus, at times, evil power seems to engulf the world, but it is never powerful enough to forever shadow the love and kindness of God. The Jewish people were liberated and a holy nation of their own. They even rediscovered the love and kindness of God even though they had to pass through these great tragedies. This also was a warning from God that revealed how the world can become deeply evil.

Hence, we can conclude that even God, being so powerful, let this happen to show the world the power of Satan, the evil heart and reawake the Jewish faith. God wants us to realize His standards: law and truth are eternal. So, this was a trial period for all the Jews to reawaken their faith and discover God; but, moreover, it is the duty of mankind as well to stop the reign of Satan who only desires to destroy the world.