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Published:March 17th, 2008 07:22 EST
New Apologetics Ministry Says: If You Don't Have Reasons for Believing the Resurrection, Why Are You a Christian?

New Apologetics Ministry Says: If You Don't Have Reasons for Believing the Resurrection, Why Are You a Christian?

By SOP newswire

Athanatos Christian Ministries has launched an online academy for Christians and seekers so that they can learn about the foundations of the Christian faith.

Executive Director Anthony Horvath points out that 1 Corinthians 15:14 makes clear how important the resurrection is to the Christian faith. Easter comes every year and people don't know why Christians accept the resurrection. Sadly, that includes Christians themselves.

Anthony explains, "We have launched our online academy because many people long to know more about the Christian faith but are not being taught. Many Christians will fall away from the faith completely."

Besides a course on the evidence for the resurrection, the virtual academy is offering an introduction to Biblical Greek, a class detailing how the New Testament was formed, and a class on the problem of pain and suffering. Other courses are available as well.

Anthony says, "What makes our courses unique is that they are designed with the busy American in mind. Each module is only 2-3 weeks long requiring as little as 5 hours each week and costing just $15.00 a course, plus materials. Our modules are perfect for the person who realizes that apologetics are important but doesn't know where to start."

Anthony concludes, "The one thing that we can't do any more is assume that just by virtue of being in a Christian climate we're going to raise informed and educated Christians. The fact is that that climate is ceasing to exist. That might be a good thing. Hoping to transmit the faith by osmosis was how we got in this situation in the first place."

Athanatos Christian Ministries is a new non-profit formed around Anthony's long time apologetics ministry at where more information about the courses is available. Follow this link directly to the academy page for further information and to enroll.

Group rates and even private courses are available. Youth ministers, teachers, college students and budding apologists may wish to go through courses together with their students or friends. Churches may wish to use the academy's offerings to arm the participants of an evangelism program with answers to common questions.

ACM is interested in expanding its course offerings. Interested and competent facilitators and those seeking an interview may contact Anthony at or 202-280- 7971. Anthony was a Christian teacher and director for Parish Ministries and is the author of Fidelis


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