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Published:June 29th, 2008 15:21 EST
The Pope Should Sell His Red Designer Loafers on eBay

The Pope Should Sell His Red Designer Loafers on eBay

By Robert Paul Reyes

"After years of speculation that Pope Benedict wears shoes by Prada, the Vatican`s official newspaper denied such talk as `frivolous`.

Esquire magazine, last year, named the 81-year-old pontiff "accessoriser of the year" for his red leather loafers that fashionistas had said were probably made by the Italian fashion house.

While the Vatican had never confirmed or denied if the shoes were Prada, continued chatter about the pope`s dress sense led the Vatican daily Osservatore Romano to print a condemnation of media stories it said trivialised the head of the church."

Quotation from Reuters

I`ve seen the pontiff wearing his spiffy red loafers, and they would make a drag queen blush. If the head of the Roman Catholic Church doesn`t want to be trivialized, he should stop dressing like a clown. The faithful might take it in stride when the pope dons a hat that looks like a dunce cap, carries a frilly umbrella as protection from the sun and wears bright red shoes, but everybody else will be asking where`s the bearded lady and two-headed cow?

I can`t imagine Jesus Christ delivering the Sermon on the Mount sporting a wizard`s hat, twirling an umbrella and wearing red sandals. If the pope wants to be respected he should seek to be more like Jesus Christ.

The Roman Catholic Church argues that it is tradition for the pope to wear flamboyant attire. At one time, it was tradition for the Church to burn heretics at the stake, it`s high time that tradition gives way to decorum and common sense.

The pope should sell his ridiculous red shoes on ebay, and give the money to the poor.