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Published:July 3rd, 2008 18:29 EST
Sexual Sin and Freedom for Women and Children

Sexual Sin and Freedom for Women and Children

By Garrett Godwin


VANCOUVER, WASH: With the Fourth of July less than 24 hours away, the Defenders USA is doing their part in fighting the good fight for freedom and liberty. "We are launching The Film Festival to END DEMAND on July 4", stated Director Bill Smith, "because, what better day than Independence Day to not only celebrate our freedom but to take action for those who are not free?"

Women and children

The Defenders USA is a group of men that are uniting against all forms of mainstream s*x that exploit women and children -- increased by the demands for mainstream s*xual services.  The Film Festival to END DEMAND is part of their plan to abolish s*xual slavery through battling the mainstream s*x industry.  The Defenders is looking for submissions for mainstream s*x by getting the word out -- with the purpose of speaking out against pornography, prositution, and other forms of mainstream s*x.

The deadline for submissions is September 5th, and each film will be judged based on the impact of the message.  The winning video will be sent to Washington, D.C. this fall as part of an event for Shared Hope International, which the Defenders is an initiative of.  For more on this, go online at

"Women and children", Smith said, "are enslaved all over the world to serve a demand for commercial s*x - this has to stop."

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