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Published:August 16th, 2008 14:36 EST

Pontiff Criticized For Wearing Fur

By Robert Paul Reyes

Pope Benedict has been trashed by the fashion police for wearing ridiculous red leather Prada loafers. You could feed a homeless shelter full of men with what it cost to buy that fancy footwear.

But now the pontiff is being condemned by animal lovers for wearing hats trimmed with fur.

"Italian animal rights campaigners are urging Pope Benedict to stop wearing ermine on his hats and robes, appealing to his reputation as a cat lover.

The Italian Association for Defence of Animals and the Environment, which has a white bunny logo, has started an online petition signed by nearly 1,900 people asking the German-born pontiff to stop wearing fur."

Quotation from Reuters

The Holy Father may think he`s a fashion plate, but he looks like a vain old guy with a fondness for wearing clothes made from the furs of dead animals.

Animals are god`s creatures and the Pope should treat them with respect.

St Francis of Assisi must surely be turning over in his grave.