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Published:September 23rd, 2008 08:37 EST
Author Reveals How to Stay on the Right Path to College Students

Author Reveals How to Stay on the Right Path to College Students

By Garrett Godwin

In his book, The Student Success Plan: Living and Growing Your Faith Through The College Years, author Wayne J. Vaughn gives Christian students and parents advice on how to maintain their faith in God when going to college while studying their majors and pursuing their degrees both spiritually and socially in the world.

Several chapters of his book include dealing with temptation, managing your time wisely, being an encouragement unto others, learning to spend time with God, and much more.

Vaughn, a Brooklyn resident himself, focuses on the trials and tribulations that college student`s face.  Through his book, he offers them wisdom and guidance through his twenty years of teaching at the Concord Sunday School, where he has been counseling and ministering college students in developing and maintaining a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as the road to success.

"I hope that this book", he states, "will help young people navigate some of the most enjoyable, but also some of the most challenging years of their lives."

People can order the book online at either Amazon ( or Barnes and Noble (