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Published:July 30th, 2009 12:12 EST

The Quran, Like The Bible, Full of Striking,Interesting, Educational Paragraphs

By Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

The Quran, like The Bible, is full of striking, very interesting, educational paragraphs.

Here are a few:

1 - "Your first duty, as a Muslim, is to protect the books which we have sent before this one, as much as you have them on hand."

2 - " To those who hold all the prophets of God at an equal level, we promise a very big present in the other world."

3 - " Talk to the Jews and the Christians. Tell them your God is also our God, as God is one. Propose to them to build an Abrahams Nation altogether. If they accept, they would be doing the best and the most beautiful."

4 - " The best of the men is the one who is the kindest to women."

5 - "The best of the men is the one who teaches The Quran to the others."

6 - "We created the human being from two equal parts : man and woman."

7 - " We created and developed all living creatures from a single cell."

8 - " The one who establishes peace in the world, will be its King."

9 - " The best jihad is the one made by education."

10 - God to Mohammed : "Could you read and write, before the paragraphs of The Quran started coming to you? If this is not a miracle, what is?"

11 - "Didn`t we take out the pain from your chest, which nearly killed you? Didn`t we honor your name? After the operation, set yourself to hard work and get tired. This is beneficial for your health."

12 - " Those who understand science, understand this book better."