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Published:August 6th, 2009 16:47 EST
Jediism Official Religion

Jediism Official Religion

By Matthew Vossler

Jedi is recognized as an official religion in Canada

Starting a religion and being recognized as such in Canada is not the same as what we are used to in the United States. There are more barriers to entry to get this done. In the United States, pretty much, if you say you are a religion, you are, and it`s not too difficult to go through the process of getting 501c3 status as a non-profit religious organization.

The leaders of what is now Order of the Jedi, Inc., " were extremely happy to announce in February, that on January 12th 2009, they became officially recognized by the Canadian government as a religious body.

According to their website, in Canada the government must give approval before the Provinces will even consider recognizing you. We now Move forward in our goals to complete our recognition within each province. " (1)

Although fractious among many groups, the Jedi movement is world wide and has been growing steadily since George Lucas made the fictional Wizards famous in his Star Wars movies saga that began in the 1970`s. The groups differ in their approach, some emphasizing the religious aspects of Jedi philosophy, while other`s take a more hands-on approach, teaching and training in energy work and mysticism.

The order of the Jedi Canada takes the former approach, and while they do not rule out the abilities of some to manipulate mystical forces, they focus on ethical and moral teachings. They are currently working steadily on a body of Jedi scripture based on the writings of George Lucas and the Star Wars franchise.

Most of those who call themselves Jedi or associate with it, are quick to point out that all religions are at the core, based on literature, and Jedi is no different in this respect. I`ve said it myself, that Lucas put a fictional framework around universal truths and good moral philosophies that have been around since the beginning of time. He gave them a name; Jedi and The Force. "



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