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Published:October 7th, 2009 13:49 EST
God Knows

God Knows

By Rouben Alikian

 Do you fear death? You don`t want to die, do you? But you will.  God knows that. Whomever you love dearly, he knows that, too. He knows your deepest desires, your guilt, your deeds, your sins.


 At least that`s what they say about Him. And yet so many of His followers die. Do you know why that is? The thing is, it`s not His fault that those who have faith in Him perish, for He has no sway over the wheel of fate. The only ones responsible for all this mayhem, bloodshed and innocent death are we, humans, those who created Him in our minds for the sake of blaming someone other than ourselves in the end. God is a scapegoat.


 Apart from humans, there is no animal on this planet more cruel than a human. Animals instinctively kill to feed, to procreate and to continue their meaningless cycle of eternal search for more food to maintain the same cycle until evolution says otherwise.


 In apes, when a dominant male dies and another takes his place, the very first thing the new dominator will do is kill off the offspring of his former rival. An ironic echo of a feral past throughout human history. Though it is generally accepted that the animal does so to claim more females, it doesn`t mean that the act is cruel in any way, for the animal doesn`t understand what cruelty is and simply performs its preprogrammed duty of ensuring a dominant position and genetic dominance.


 On the other hand, humans are the only species on this planet that kill for reasons other than food or self- defense. Unlike our feral cousins, we have minds and highly developed cerebral cortexes that allow us to distinguish between abstract concepts called right and wrong. It is for that reason that we have developed the concept of cruelty as something that falls under the category of wrong, something abhorrent to our psyche.


 Hurting anyone or anything that is weaker than the attacker and helpless is perhaps the greatest of all cruelties. This is where deeds cross the threshold of cruelty and into crime territory. Most crimes are based on cruelty. But what is a crime? It is an action committed against law, one might say. But there`s a much deeper meaning to it besides the word penned in iron extending into that which cannot be expressed fully.


 Every crime brings with it the irreplaceable and destructive element of emotional distress. In essence, that is the exact meaning of a crime, something that is done not against a collection of words spoken, written and enforced, but something done against the broad and very deeply rooted concept of morality founded on keeping spiritual and emotional harmony without interference into ones peaceful existence. This is where being cruel comes in, for sometimes, an absolute momentary or innate lack of morals can push someone to cause harm for a seemingly meaningless cause that seems essential at the moment to the perpetrator.


 But we have evolved to the point where we can give multiple reasons to our crimes. Crime of passion, crime of fraud, murder for hire, political assassination, theft for drugs, rape, mugging, temporary insanity, self-defense, gang murder, revenge, treason, serial murder, pathological disorder, sadism, crime against humanity, to name but a few.


 Can the ape claim the same excuses? What is abhorrent in the matter is how shamelessly society forgives everything to forget the concept of morality to return to their daily lives and be rid of troublesome headlines of murder.


 Looking at it from such a perspective, we may not differ from the monkey in cruelty in a scenario of seeking power, but in every other respect, we are superior. It`s only a shame that all that superiority is used to condone our own misdeeds and an unmatched appetite for creating ever more vile ways of getting rid of each other.


 But what of God? Can He be cruel towards us, his pitiful subjects? Some see Him as a cruel entity, but in the end, He is not cruel, for He exists in our minds and their delusionary state torn between a yes " and no " answer to both questions of His mercy and existence altogether. Thus, it is no one`s fault but our own that there is always someone else to blame for our misdeeds.