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Published:January 9th, 2010 13:55 EST
More Islamic Craziness

More Islamic Craziness

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Pakistan`s parliament fined a national hockey player and two team officials for un-Islamic behavior after pictures circulated of them hugging a woman and apparently drinking alcohol in Argentina last month.

Pakistan is a conservative Muslim country where men hugging women in public is taboo and even men shaking hands with women is frowned upon. Drinking alcohol is illegal for Muslims."


Pakistan, our ally in fighting the Taliban and al Qaeda, rarely speaks out when Islamic terrorists strike out against American interests around the world.

But Pakistani politicians have their panties in a twist because a national hockey player had the temerity to hug a woman and drink a beer. These are the hypocritical religious nutjobs that we are in league, and we bribe them with over a billion per year to gain their nominal opposition to Islamic terrorists.

Shouldn`t Pakistan`s parliament take up more pressing issues, such as the disintegration of their country? American aid to Pakistan is an exercise in futility, this backwards country will never be a cohesive state, let alone a democracy. Islam and democracy are incompatible, we should pull out our stakes in that benighted land, and let it go to hell.

Fight terrorism: Drink a beer and hug a woman

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