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Published:January 13th, 2010 20:33 EST
Video: Kooky Pat Robertson: Haiti Cursed By God

Video: Kooky Pat Robertson: Haiti Cursed By God

By Robert Paul Reyes

Tuesday`s earthquake in Haiti killed thousands, devastated the infrastructure of the impoverished island, and left multitudes homeless.

Foreign leaders and religious officials have expressed words of sympathy and comfort for the heartbroken people of Haiti.

The Rev. Pat Robertson has an international platform, and he had the means and the opportunity to offer words of condolences to the survivors of the earthquake.

Instead the televangelist said on his television show that it was all the Haitians fault for making a pact with the devil and rebelling against their French masters.

This is ancient history and I`m not a historian, but I doubt that there`s a single history book anywhere in the world that claims that the Haitians gained their independence by making a pact with Satan.

The disgraced televangelist just can`t accept the fact the the Haitians won their independence from their white overlords. At best Robertson is senile, and at worst he is a racist.

Watch the video and try to figure "what`s up" with Pat Robertson

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