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Published:January 29th, 2010 15:58 EST
President Obama Doesn't Need To Join A Church To Be A Good Christian

President Obama Doesn't Need To Join A Church To Be A Good Christian

By Robert Paul Reyes


"If church attendance is one measure of a man`s faith, then President Obama may appear to have lost some of his. The first family, once regular churchgoers, have publicly attended services in Washington just three times in the past year, by ABC News` count, even bypassing the pews on Christmas Day.

Obama quit Chicago`s embattled Trinity United Church of Christ months before taking office in 2008 and has not formally joined a new one in his new hometown." Read More

Photographs of politicians attending church are as common as images of them kissing babies or shaking hands with potential voters.

Most Americans expect the president to love his country, adore his wife and attend church on a regular basis. You don`t need to attend a church, synagogue or mosque to find or sustain spiritual enlightenment. Obama doesn`t feel compelled to join a church simply to keep up appearances.

Barack Obama has been a Christian for decades, and his lack of church attendance shouldn`t reflect poorly on his commitment to his faith. Obama`s advocacy on the behalf of the poor and disenfranchised demonstrates the reality and vibrancy of his faith.

Obama practices the rituals and obligations of his religion in private -- the way it should be. I hope the president never joins a church in DC.

If a president attends a place of worship on a regular basis, he`s putting his fellow parishioners at risk of a terrorist attack. If a jihadist drove an explosives-laden truck into a sanctuary while the president was in attendance, it would have a bigger impact than 9/11.

President Obama, you are making an important statement by not joining a church, don`t backslide and become a Pharisee.

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