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Published:January 30th, 2010 11:04 EST

Mainstream Religion a Unifying Thread: Part III Judaism

By Sean Beelzebul

In response to Part II of this series, Chris Curucci a fellow writer for the SOP pointed out that much of the misunderstandings which can be associated with Christianity are associated with how one reads the Bible. Chris pointed out that there is the literal interpretation, which I have called into question, and then there is the allegorical and metaphorical interpretation. This point is relevant to all Abrahamic traditions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and is also pertinent to our discussion at hand.

In Judaism much of worship is mystical in nature. In Christianity, only Christ could perform miracles and in the literal reading of the bible Christ alone, redeemed mankind from sin through his death. Although, the true mystical roots of Christianity, and true Christianity for that matter are really derivations of the mystical Essene Judaism, the Christianity that survives today is a different sort of beast. Christians of today are following the Pharisee form of the religion created by Paul/Saul. In contrast, Jews preserve the mystical tradition of the Torah.

The problem with the Torah is the same as with other religious texts "it is old. Like the primordial aum of the Rg Veda, the Torah in its spiritual form is said to have existed prior to the creation of the world. What this means for our science minded day and age, is that the truth of these words, is consistent with the nature of the universe, it is a voice piece for the universe.

Nevertheless, the Torah is old and many do not understand the mystical roots underlying everything. Regardless of how old the Pentateuch is, or how many authors other than Moses it truly had, the epic tales it depicts are hiding the mystical tradition therein. The mysticism becomes clearer in the books of the Prophets, where books like Ezekiel depict astrological constellations and ritual incantations.

Yet, because of the gross misunderstanding by the majority (Christians) the true conception of Judaism is lost, by many save for Jews themselves, who do not have nearly the numbers as Christian followers. Jewish organizations which teach the mystical tradition in addition to the rituals and worship that is associated with Judaism, are often secretive, and do not publically disseminate the mystical message.