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Published:March 6th, 2010 11:43 EST
jesus chrsit

Cop Shot By John Bedell Credits God With Saving His Life

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Both of the police officers shot outside the Pentagon have been released from the hospital. One of them gives God the credit for protecting him.

jesus chrsit`I just thank the Lord that he shielded me when all of this took place,` officer Jeffery Amos said." Read More

Like a Super Bowl winning quarterback who gives all the credit to The Big Coach in the Sky, one of the police officers shot by John Patrick Bedell gives The Lord the credit for saving his life.

I didn`t know that God was in the bodyguard business, I imagined He would be too busy smiting the wicked. The Almighty must have been distracted when he was guarding Amos, after all one of the gunman`s bullets did find its target. For someone who is omnipotent and omniscient, the Supreme Being is a lousy bodyguard.

What about the thousands who are killed every year by criminals -- God doesn`t have time to protect them?

I wish Bedell and other true believers like him, would exercise a bit of self-restraint, and not evangelize every time someone sticks a microphone in their face.

A couple of weeks ago I came within inches of being involved in a serious traffic accident. I didn`t give God the credit for saving me, and I wouldn`t have cursed him if I had crashed. Crap happens, sometimes we get lucky, sometimes we don`t.

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