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Published:March 27th, 2010 13:51 EST
pope benedict

Pope Benedict: Protector Of Pedophiles

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The Roman Catholic Church`s account of Pope Benedict XVI`s handing of a serial pedophile was called into question today when new documents emerged suggesting that his office was kept informed of the offender`s rapid return to working with children.

pope bendecitContrary to statements released by the Church in Germany, a memorandum uncovered by The New York Times suggests that Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was told that a priest had gone back to pastoral duties in Munich a few days after he started psychiatric treatment. The priest went on to commit further offences.

The latest child abuse scandal to hit the Catholic Church involves a German priest, Father Peter Hullermann, who was convicted of molesting boys in 1986. Victims have complained that repeated warnings were ignored by the Church over decades of abuse." Read More

The Roman Catholic Church has a history of bloodshed, corruption and depravity going back hundreds of years. The Church is no longer selling indulgences and torturing and killing heretics, but its priests are still systematically raping young boys.

The pedophile scandal within the Roman Catholic Church is international in scope, and it reaches all the way to the head of the church.

The pontiff recently wrote a letter of apology to Irish Catholics on behalf of the multitude of priests who molested thousands of young boys in Ireland. This is the same "man of God" who allowed a serial pedophile to remain in the priesthood, enabling him to continue to defile young boys.

The hypocrisy, cowardice and duplicity of Pope Benedict stinks to high heaven. How can a man who allowed a child molester to go back to work be trusted to expose and punish pedophile clergy?

I urge anyone who has been molested by a priest, even if the crime occurred decades ago, to sue the Roman Catholic Church. This religious institution is morally and spiritually bankrupt, and it deserves to be financially bankrupt as well.

Any Catholic who continues to financially support this evil organization is complicit in its crimes. It`s time for men and women of faith to abandon this corrupt enterprise, and join a church whose ministers don`t systematically molest young boys.

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