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Published:June 4th, 2010 15:43 EST
A Metaphoric Way to Understand Awakening

A Metaphoric Way to Understand Awakening

By Angela Kocsis


Noon is an inside cat.  His coat seems airbrushed, dark gray giving way to soft charcoal fading into champagne; not quite stripes.  It blends too well for stripes.  


He is all cuddles and purrs.  Noon has his own cat tower, a covered wagon of a kitty litter with personal mice attending to clean it, matching silver feeding bowls and a soft warm lap to sit on no matter who is around.

Noon likes to burrow under the covers and sleep.   He can be found beneath the towels in the laundry basket, the billowing skirt on the bottom of the bed, curled beneath coats; basically Noon likes to be under.

Noon has never been outside.  He has only ever journeyed through the outside land riding in human held carriages with handles.  He has gazed at its expanse from his perch on the windowsill, curiously taking in each movement the wind manifested in the trees, the occasional bird landing in the lawn and sometimes, if he`s very lucky, another cat will pause giving him a glimpse of his own kind. 

Noon sits by the screen door when the humans step out to smoke cigarettes on the patio, his head slightly pressed against the screen.  He longs, he looks, he wonders, hoping, maybe just once, he could gingerly reach out his paws to feel all of that goodness.  He feels his need, his sense of urgency, his absolute want to step into the next realm of his existence.   He yearns to leave the box that has been his home all of his life.  He is both excited and afraid.  

And today, he did just that.   

Today as the door stood slightly opens, Noon steps into the beaming light that draws him, feeling the soft earth beneath his paws.    He creeps, slowly, his face buried in each leaf, every small clover, licking and tasting.   He rubs his ears over the prickly grass, jumping slightly at the difference of this feeling.    Around him, he looks, still cautious in this wondrous new world, and he sits for what seems like the dawn of many days.  


As Noon continues to discover the beauty that is this greenery, its tender trees in the back yard, the small stone steps for him to jump over, his step quickens.  We call to him to come back to our square box, but he has awakened.   He has found true joy and freedom.  He has breathed the clean air of glorious nature, and there`s no turning back.  


This, my friends, is what it feels like to Awaken; to feel the wonder of this planet we have been gifted; to step beyond our box into the awareness of its smell, beauty, sounds and light.   It is the very urge to bury your face inside of its joy.  It is that first step away from the fear of leaving the box and into the freedom of love that awaits us.