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Published:June 15th, 2010 17:51 EST

Act Of God Destroys 62-Foot Styrofoam Statue Of Jesus Christ

By Robert Paul Reyes


"If you`ve ever driven between Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio, on I-75 then you probably saw the six-story King of Kings statue, featuring Jesus coming out of a lake with hands raised in front of the Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio.


Monday night the statue was destroyed by fire after being struck by lighting.

The 62 foot statue had a steel frame and was wrapped in styrofoam and covered with a fiberglass coating to protect it. At 11:16pm last night they got the call the statue had been hit by lighting and was on fire. `It spread from the statue to the amphitheater,` he said.`" CNN.Com

Why was this statue destroyed by lightning?

*God, whether he goes by the name of Allah, Jehovah or Tinky Winky, hates ostentatious displays of faith. This 62-foot statue was an aesthetic abomination, and anathema to true spirituality.

*The Almighty was upset because Jesus was constructed out of styrofoam and fiberglass instead of marble or gold.

*The Supreme Being was furious that a million bucks was wasted on a styrofoam statue, instead of the money being used to feed the hungry and heal the sick.

*The Heavenly Father doesn`t do a good job protecting his children. He is incapable or unwilling to prevent earthquakes, floods and hurricanes that kill millions, he can`t even prevent lightning from destroying a kitschy statue.

*There`s no deity looking down on us, and the rain falls on the just and the unjust. Lightning sometimes destroys orphanages and hospitals, and sometimes it destroys brothels and cheesy representations of Jesus.

I don`t care why this ugly thing was destroyed, I`m just thankful that this awful work of art and wretched display of religiosity is gone.

Today there are a lot of atheists, pagans, Jews, Christians, Hindus, and Muslims who are overjoyed at the destruction of this travesty.

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