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Published:June 19th, 2010 09:49 EST

Fake Roman Catholic Priest Excommunicated

By Robert Paul Reyes

"A fake Roman Catholic priest has been excommunicated in the Philippines more than a year after he began celebrating masses at a Manila parish, the local church said Friday.

priestXavier Eubra de Borja began making the rounds of the parish in a black cassock last year, claiming he was back in Manila on vacation after being ordained into the priesthood in Russia, the church said on its website."

There are more than 75 million Catholics in the Philippines, but in recent years there has been a shortage of priests." - AFP

The phrase "fake Roman Catholic priest" is an oxymoron. Real Catholic priests peddle religious superstitions and unbelievable nonsense. Who cares if it`s a fake or a real Catholic priest claiming that the homophobic and reactionary pope is infallible?

There`s a severe shortage of priests in the Philippines, the Roman Catholic church should welcome anybody who claims to be a priest.

The Catholic church would be better of with fake priests because unlike real priests they probably have girlfriends, and won`t be the type to molest young boys.

I will pray that God will bless the Roman Catholic church by flooding them with fake priests.

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